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Retractable Belt Accessories

Retractable Belt Accessories

About Our Retractable Belt Stanchion Accessories

Usage Rating:Low Traffic
Standard use
Low Traffic
Standard use
Medium Traffic
No frills durability
High Traffic / Large Crowds
Heavy use and abuse
Post Material:SteelSteelAluminumAircraft Aluminum or Stainless Steel
Base Material:CementHigh Density CementCast IronCast Iron
Floor Protectors:Full SurfaceFull SurfaceEvenly Spaced for Air CirculationEvenly Spaced for Air Circulation
Belt Colors / Lengths:1 Color / 7.5'6 Colors / 10'1 Color / 10'12 Colors / 10' or 15'
Warranty:1 year3 years5 years10 years (industry best)
Accessories / Options:Signs, Carts, and
Replacement Parts
Signs, Carts, and
Replacement Parts
Signs, Carts, and
Replacement Parts
+ Wheels, 3" Belt, Dual Line,
Display Height, and Grooved

Under heavy use, stanchions and retractable belt barriers will eventually wear out. CrowdControlStore offers a variety of retractable belt stanchion parts, including a myriad of accessories, which can ensure your barriers will continue to function effectively for years to come. When selecting a replacement part for your retractable belt stanchion, be sure that replacement parts are specific to the model you are repairing. Subtle differences in retractable belt stanchion parts make some components unique to individual models, and may not be universal. Our accessories are compatible with most major brands such as Tensabarrier, Lavi Beltrac, and Queue Solutions.

We also offer Outdoor Safety Barriers, Post and Rope Stanchions,  Wall Mounted Belt Barriers, and accessories such as stanchion carts for your crowd control system.