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What is a Stanchion Sign?

Stanchion signs, stanchion sign holders, and stanchion sign brackets are a perfect method to add important messages and wayfinding options to your already existing queues. We define stanchion signs as not only the actual message sign, but the post sign holder or frame that attaches to the post. Typically this is done with a bracket on the stanchion, but we also have sign posts (as well as free standing Versa signs) dedicated to the job. In fact you can even stretch, no pun intended, the definition to include rope signage or outdoor plastic sign holders for chains. They are typically plastic signs with popular messages such as Please Wait to be Seated, Please Do Not Enter, Enter / Exit, or just a sign for wait times. We also offer sign holder signs with clear insets so you can create custom messages. While these signs are typically found in retail settings as sale sign holders, restaurants, or even as warehouse signs for safety and directions, we also offer additional holder methods and uses.

Traffic Signs, Crowd Control Panels, and Custom Signage

Signs are also commonly used for traffic road safety and outdoor work site areas. We carry a large selection of popular traffic safety signs, paddles, and stands to hold signs. In addition to freestanding signs, we also have signs that attach to barricades.

Sometimes a small sign just will not do. Our large crowd control panels can be fully printed. This allows many options for branding, advertising, or to create privacy areas or room partitions that complement your décor. Call us today to discuss customization or even retractable banner printing options (866) 715-6006

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