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Event Ropes and Red Carpet Barriers

What would a rope and stanchion setup be without fancy and functional crowd control rope? While we offer many great velvet rope and stanchion free shipping bundles in popular combinations, sometimes you want you customize your own or just need stanchion ropes. We have multiple stanchion cord styles to choose from in a wide variety of colors and finishes to create your rope aesthetic. These elegant ropes and stanchions methods of controlling crowds are the perfect way to blend in at banks, casinos, movie theaters, and other high-end events. While our stock sizes are the most popular 6’ and 8 foot VIP rope lengths, we can get you any custom crowd control large rope span to fit your needs.

We know the area behind velvet ropes often are a top priority. So if pricing is also a priority, we have a velvet stanchion rope that is high on quality while keeping your cost down. It features a heavy-duty cotton core that keeps the barrier rope looking great and straight even in heavy traffic. Be sure to check what is on the inside, many other low-cost ropes only have cheap foam rope or even sand which can quick stretch and sag. Our entry level crowd control ropes come with a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty, make sure you are not getting that ‘super low-priced cheap stanchions and ropes deal’ every year by choosing a VIP red rope made to last.

Looking for that luxurious red carpet treatment? We will let you in on a little secret, that red VIP velvet rope is not really velvet. Velour red barrier rope offers a much plusher feel then velvet rope and is handmade right here in America. Not only does it feel better, but this privacy rope lasts longer too coming with a 10-year warranty to back up that claim. Plus, you can get it in almost any shade by request, we carry 8 popular colors including red velvet rope, pink velvet stanchion ropes, and gold stanchion rope. We even have black velvet rope stanchion options.

Want something even fancier and easier to take care of? We also offer top of the line Naugahyde and Microfiber crowd control rope for our velvet rope stands. Microfiber is the softest material you can use for your rope stanchions. If you are looking for compliments or a way to one-up the competition, check out these stanchion ropes. Not only do they feel better and clean easier than velvet, but they also take to colors better too. Options such as merlot, ocean blue, and light green will really make a statement, so be prepared for visitors to view ropes in addition to what they protect. Naugahyde is a leather like material for your stanchion and rope needs that can be used outdoors with proper treatment. It adds real panache to high end events and can easily be wiped clean at any time, which also makes it very sanitary!

However, for true outdoor stanchions and ropes needs, we have a braided poly stanchion rope that is highly weather resistant. It is made from environmentally friendly twisted plastic material and zinc plated ends. This crowd control rope is meant to be left outside while staying safe and durable for decades. Check out our full selection of safety stanchions and rope.

If you have any stanchion post and rope related questions, or if you would like some information about bulk discounts on how to make your own stanchion combinations, feel free to contact us today by calling (866) 715-6006 or filling out the contact form on our website. We look forward to helping you provide guests top quality velvet rooe treatment with custom stanchion rope requests!

In addition to stanchion velvet rope we also offer offer Retractable Belt Stanchions, Plastic Chain & Stanchions, Wall Mounted Barriers, and red bollards for your crowd control system.