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Chain Post & Plastic Stanchions for Sale

Plastic posts provide a great low-cost alternative to their metal variants. Made to be outdoors, chain barriers are virtually weather-proof and a breeze to setup. Our plastic stanchions come in a variety of colors, can be filled for added stability, and are available at warehouse prices.

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Plastic Stanchion Posts for Sale

While we offer many weather-resistant metal posts, sometimes you just want a really lightweight stanchion made for being outside. In comes the plastic event fencing to fill that need. They are made from high quality ABS plastic with fade resistant finishes so you can set them and forget with little worry about maintenance or replacement. Plastic posts are available in a wide range of colors from your standard black and white plastic stanchions, to bright orange and yellow, and even flashy silver or gold finishes. Quick and easy to setup, barrier chain posts are perfect portable fences for backyards.

While the posts themselves are light and easy to move around, they do come with fillable bases. The posts pop right out of the base leaving a large cavity that is typically filled with sand or water. This provides extra weight and stability allowing you to connect longer lengths of chain without the fear of the dreaded leaning post.

Plastic stanchions are also available in multiple sizes noted by inches. The 2” and heavy duty plastic 3” denominations refer to post diameter, but also reflects the total weight capacity and thus total chain length capability. The 3” heavy plastic versions have a larger, thicker base allowing them to hold more weight and use heavier, longer chain when you need a strong barrier setup. While the 2” versions have a sleeker design allowing for a more flexible optical queue line. We also carry a ground pole version which has long spikes on the end that get driven in-ground.

Plastic Chain & Accessories

The best part about a plastic stanchion post is the method of connection. Plastic chain is lightweight, low-cost, and easy to work with. While a retracting belt is probably the easiest method of changing line length, you are restricted by the belt length. Ropes can be brought closer together, but this means sag and again you have a preset length. But chain, chain can be virtually any length you desire. Need to pull the posts closer together? Just connect a closer link for a taut line. Need it further apart? Add some more chain with quick connector links.

Crowd control chain is also a maintenance free method of plastic crowd control. Made from thick ABS plastic it will not fade, rust, or show wear. Even if it does, it is very easy to replace. We carry a variety of colors, thicknesses, and lengths perfect for any application. We also have a full line of accessories to keep your plastic stanchions and chain in top working order. S-hooks for extending lines or linking them to other loops or objects, repair or quick extension links, and even replacement C-hooks make it easy to care for your queue.

In addition to heavy duty plastic chain, we offer some pre-set plastic post and chain barrier bundles with everything you need to quickly protect your outdoor areas. If you need help choosing the right products, contact us today by calling (866) 715-6006. Our crowd control experts will help you find exactly what you need. So if you are looking for where to buy plastic chain link, you’re in the right place.

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