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Outdoor Retractable Belt Safety Stanchions

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Safety Yellow Outdoor Barriers

Outdoor stanchions differ from our traditional products in that they are designed to withstand the elements and be easily seen. Many events and businesses take place outside such as concerts, amusement parts, concession stands, or even work sites which requires weather resistant exterior stanchions. Our long span outdoor crowd control stands are typically a bright safety yellow, but you can also find traditional silver or black posts. We carry aluminum, stainless steel, and even PVC stanchions to provide varying levels of weather resistance. The belts are customizable with many colors and designs including a black / yellow diagonal stripe, fluorescent yellow, and caution messages. They are perfect as patio stanchions or events as outdoor crowd control barriers. No matter what design you want, a Crowd Control Expert has researched the best discount heavy duty outdoor stanchions on the market for your budget.

Every outdoor stanchion we carry has slow retracting belts with locks, universal belt ends, and EVERstraight® Technology. Our safety stanchions are compatible with most major brands such as Tensabarrier, Lavi Beltrac, and Queue Solutions. While our crowd safety barriers are shown as portable, most have more permanent mounting options available. Contact our team of experts to find out more about outdoor crowd control barriers. Looking to save even more money? If you are looking to build a retractable fence outdoor, check out our outdoor stanchions free shipping bundles! In addition to belt models, we also have outdoor stanchions and ropes.

In addition to emergency stanchions, we also offer Portable Retractable Belt Stanchions, Post and Rope Stanchions, Wall Mounted Belt Barriers, and accessories such as stanchion carts for your crowd control system.