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Plastic Chain

Plastic chain is an essential component when creating barriers or preventing unauthorized access to specific locations. Typically used outdoors due to the naturally weather resistant nature of plastic and UV protected finishes, stanchion cord chains are easy to setup, repair, and alter lengths for a very flexible crowd control system. While we carry a variety of preset plastic stanchions and chain bundle deals, sometimes you want specific colors, lengths, or thickness for a custom look. We have a huge chain collection the most popular colors and sizes (like 6mm plastic yellow chain link) featuring yellow plastic chain, white plastic chain, orange heavy duty chain, and black plastic chain in stock or call us to get you just about any other color imaginable.

Plastic chain rope is available in different thicknesses too. The most common are plastic 6MM or 1.5” and 8MM or 2” large plastic chain, but we also have smaller 4mm plastic chain too. This measurement relates to the plastic chain link size. The larger the link, the less links in a chain and the stronger and thicket they are. Typically, these sizes relate to the thickness of your plastic stanchion. However most plastic posts are either 2” or 3” thick so it is a not a 1 to 1 relationship. We suggest pairing the 6MM small plastic chains with 2” posts, and 8MM chains with 3” posts. You can also sometimes find 10MM chains for heavy duty applications, or 4MM lightweight plastic chains which can pair up nicely with the thinner plastic stakes. We are proud to carry American made Mr Chain plastic chain.

Plastic Chain Links Sizes

The best part about using plastic chain is the ability to repair or extend it. Plastic chain connectors & links can easily be replaced or added on to existing chains. So, while plastic is more prone to breaking than our retractable belt stanchions or post and rope barriers, we offer many ways to fix it. We carry a large variety of 6mm plastic S-hooks, snap ends, replacement C-hooks, reflective repair links, and red plastic links. The chain connectors & links might look small, but the large chain links can connect two spans of chain for a long plastic chain link barriers. Just make sure your stanchions are properly weighted! Or loop your plastic chains onto one of our metal stanchion posts.

If you have any plastic chain related questions, or if you would like some information about bulk discounts on red plastic chain, black and yellow plastic safety chain, feel free to contact us today by calling (866) 715-6006 or filling out the contact form on our website. We look forward to hearing from you! Custom plastic chains requests are always welcome.

In addition to our big plastic chain selection (including our house brand: Equicross plastic chain), we also offer Retractable Belt Stanchions, Wall Mount Barriers, Post and Rope Stanchions, and accessories such as stanchion carts for your crowd control system.