Retail & Bank Queue Management Crowd Control Solutions

Retail stanchions, also referred to as “bank queue posts” are a common fixture in shopping environments where the public must form a line to pay for products. Retail stanchions are available in a variety of configurations, colors, styles, and sizes to support efficient crowd control management when creating “checkout” lines. Bank queue posts and retail stanchions can be configured in a variety of patterns to optimize the shopping experience or to direct pedestrians to service points.

As your customer experience is important, we suggest our high traffic crowd control solutions.

Portable & Transportable

Retailers & Banks need flexible queue solutions. Durable yet lightweight stanchions are a must.

Easy to arrange yet strong and sturdy
Easy to arrange yet strong and sturdy
Easy to arrange and high end classic style


Designer frames come in gold, silver, or black. Match your existing design with signs that easily:

Direct people where to go
Relay important messages
Be customized with your brand

Umbrella Bags

Make your building a refuge from the rain. A great way to keep guest safe from slippery floors.

Keep them dry - bags for wet umbrellas
Keep them dry - fully loaded bag stands