Conventional Crowd Rope Barriers & Velvet Rope

Red carpet rope stands, or conventional metal stanchions, are paired with VIP rope and typically found in high end applications such as movie theaters, car shows / auto dealerships, casinos, or as church rope barriers. They come in many colors and finishes which is perfect for matching any elegant décor.


Conventional Crowd Rope Barriers & Velvet Rope

Conventional Crowd Rope Barriers & Velvet Rope

Our Featured Metal Rope Barriers

The Classic Visiontron PRIME brings you high end style and quality at prices almost too good to believe. While you might find some lower priced teasers, most are for a plain black crowd post. At that point, why not check out one of our retractable models? If you came looking for a post rope stanchion that means you want this vital piece of crowd control to be seen. We jump right into the silver and gold metal stanchion designs you are expecting.

While these rope barriers might be low in price, they are high in features. First off, they are industry standard 40” tall, no skimping on the stainless steel for these rope barrier posts. The urn, ball, and flat top versions all have high-density heavy weight cement bases with rubber feet. Finally, the base and post combination features an easy to assemble, guaranteed to stay straight design even when guests occasionally lean on those nice red velvet ropes. Buy our stanchion rope sets today to rope off stands in style.

Featured metal stanchion models.

Premium rope barriers & line ropes.

Other Rope Barriers & Line Rope

In addition to our low cost model, we also offer a top-of-the-line metal stanchion post. They are manufactured with your choice of heavy-gauge aircraft aluminum of stainless steel, making them our most durable metal stanchions.

You can choose from a shiny silver finish, elegant satin sheen, or go for gold with polished brass pole and rope barrier.

These crowd posts come with a ten-year factory direct manufacturer’s warranty, providing you with a quality post rope stanchion for many years to come. The tops can also be tapped so stanchion rope frames can be added for signage.

Speaking of line rope, we have many options to choose from. Starting with the industry staple red velvet rope in your choice of 8 colors and 2 finishes in stock lengths of 6’ and 8’ long. We also offer braided crowd ropes that are perfect for outdoor use and high-end models made from elegant Naugahyde or easy to maintain microfiber rope. While we stock some popular colors and lengths, we can get you the perfect shade and custom cut by request.

If a simple rope barrier setup is for you, look no further than our metal stanchion and line rope free shipping sets. We bundle together popular combinations of crowd posts and barrier rope, then pick up the shipping costs to help save you money. They are perfect as a car show stanchion rope set, movie theater line barrier, or for an auto dealership stanchion solution. Overwhelmed by the choices and our stock bundles are not right for you? Feel free to call a crowd control store expert at (866) 715-6006 today and let our team help find the metal stanchion posts and line rope to fit your crowd control needs.

All of our rope dividers offer industry leading:

  • Tightly woven, hand made cotton core ropes = Highest Quality Available
  • Safety features = smooth edged solid metal rings & hinged ends
  • Universal rope ends = compatible with your existing line poles
  • Warranties = high quality for long lasting satisfaction guarantees
  • Innovations such as EVERstraight® Technology and no-tools set up

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For help finding the right product, contact a Crowd Control Expert (866) 715-6006

For help finding the right product, call an Expert: (866) 715-6006