What Can You Do With Plastic Chain?

More like, what can’t you do, am I right? Plastic chain is an extremely versatile product, available in a number of sizes and colors. Its bright color options and plastic PVC construction make it a great choice for outdoor applications, since it’s highly visible and weather resistant. It goes great with matching plastic posts to create an effective crowd control set-up in a number of environments.

But that doesn’t mean its uses are limited to just those situations. The only limitation is really your imagination. So, to help give you some inspiration, we thought we’d share an experience from an organization who utilized some plastic chain in a rather unique way.

Located in Mobile, Alabama, Camp Rap-A-Hope provides a week long summer camp for children ages 7 to 17 who’ve struggled with cancer. The camp is offered at no cost to campers or their families, and activities include swimming, kayaking, horseback riding, arts and crafts, and more. Camp Rap-A-Hope is dedicated to ensuring its campers have an opportunity to be “kids”, despite going through challenges in their lives that often make such experiences difficult.

This year, the theme was movies, and each age group had to choose a movie to represent their group. Using some of our gold-plated plastic chain we provided, the 13-15 year olds and their counselors were able to recreate a convincing “Straight Outta Compton” theme for their cabin group. Camp Rap-A-Hope provided us with some pics, and we have to say, that’s a pretty unique use for plastic chain. Can you top it? If so, we’d love to hear about it.

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