How Schools & Universities Can Benefit From Crowd Control

Schools and Universities have many reasons to need crowd control supplies. First of all, there are hundred, or thousands, or students to deal with on a daily basis, and this alone will bring a need for increased safety. When your school or university is holding an event, there is even more reason to have solid crowd control tactics in place. has a number of different supplies in different categories that can help your students, staff, and visitors stay safe everywhere they go on your campus. Here are some of our most popular categories.

Stanchions and Belt Barriers

When a sports game is going on, or during the first few days of the semester when students are signing up for class, it is important to keep crowds organized, and to have lines clearly sectioned off to avoid confusion. Same goes for graduation ceremonies. We carry an array of different belt barriers and stanchions that can help keep things in order while everyone is trying to get to the same place at once!

Signage and Advertising

To avoid confusion, having the right signage in the right places is key. A simple sign that says something like “Tickets sold here” can avoid countless questions about where to go. It will also prevent your staff from needing to do crowd control themselves!

You can also advertise upcoming events using banner stands and barricade covers and banners. Or, you can show your support for your school at sport events. Everyone likes school spirit, and banners can be easily customized with your school or university’s logo and any verbiage you would like!

Traffic Control

No matter what the size of your school, you will have to deal with traffic on some level. We all know that vehicles and pedestrians don’t always mix well, so it is important to have traffic safety measures in place! We have a wide variety of traffic cones, speed bumps, cable protectors, barricades, and warning signs to make sure drivers and pedestrians alike know where they should be, and what the rules are.

Simple measures can make a huge different, like making sure speed bumps are installed in key places. No one wants students, visitors, or staff driving unnecessarily fast when pedestrians are present. Barriers help to show where people should and shouldn’t be. Also, signage helps to make things clear so that no questions are asked about where to stop, and other rules to follow.

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