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Check out our Crowd Control Ropes | Rope Barriers guide below!


We've got a wide range of great crowd control ropes to suit your specific application, or to match your decor. Our velour, twisted nylon or naugahyde ropes pair great with classic metal post stanchions for an elegant crowd and queue control solution. Looking for a great Red Carpet Runner to pair with your ropes? We've got you covered!

Need help choosing the best solution for you?
Check out our Crowd Control Ropes | Rope Barriers guide below!

Crowd Control Ropes | Rope Barriers Guide

A stanchion without a rope is just a post. And that won’t do much to keep crowds at bay. While a post and rope set up mainly provides a visual barrier and is meant to guide and make people aware of where they should not be (as opposed to a barricade that physically bars entrance), the rope is still a crucial part of the system. Without something to connect posts, there’s no visual barrier.


The classic post and rope set-up is designed to be aesthetically pleasing while still clearly indicating the desired paths that crowds should adhere to. Accordingly, there are many rope options available, and your choice will largely depend on which fits your desired décor. Let’s take a look at the available rope styles.



The go-to type of stanchion rope is the velvet or velour rope. It’s a traditional style that usually features a cotton core with a velvet covering and metal snap or hook ends at either end. Many different colors are available, including black, blue, olive green and yellow, though various shades of red are the most popular.Microfiber has a similar feel to velvet, but its ultra fine fibers provide an even softer feel than most velour finishes.

Velvet and Microfiber Stanchion Ropes


Braided nylon ropes provide a nice striking visual alternative to typical velour ropes. Their thick, plush braid style gives them a very distinct look, though the feel isn’t quite as pleasing to the touch as velvet or microfiber. Like velour ropes, they feature metal snap or hook ends and are available in a variety of colors, including black, blue, yellow and various shades of red.

Twisted Nylon Stanchion Ropes


Naugahyde is a synthetic material designed to mimic leather. Made from fabric coated with rubber or resin, naugahyde provides an elegant looking solution that is also durable and resistant to many of the issues that might damage or stain velvet style ropes. Other than their coating, naugahyde ropes mostly similar to velour: cotton core, metal snap or hook ends, and a variety of colors.

Naugahyde Stanchion Ropes


There a few other styles of ropes available that are less often seen in the crowd control world, as they don’t appear to the same range of applications as velour, nylon or naugahyde ropes.


Vinyl covered ropes are similar to naugahyde ropes, and are more suited to occasions where keeping the ropes free from stains or other damage is paramount (such as queues where people might have food or beverages).


Hemp ropes resemble twisted nylon, but are mold and mildew resistant, which makes them well suited for more permanent outdoor applications. The natural hemp coloration makes them less desirable for traditional "elegant" applications, however, and they work better for areas that desire a more natural or rustic feel, including dockside restaurants, Western themed attractions, or aquariums.

Specialty Stanchion Ropes

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