Wall Mount Barrier Stands

Retractable Barrier Stands for Line Control

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About Our Line Control Barrier Stand Series

Barrier stands allow you to take our long span retractable belt barriers off the wall to easily block off a warehouse aisle, escalator, or close a checkout line. They are also perfect for outdoor industrial or airport use to create long span barrier lines from 30′ to 65’. The retractable belts are customizable with many colors and designs to choose from. Wall mounted retractable barriers stands are commonly utilized on construction sites to prevent unauthorized access to various locations, or as line control in stands.

Every long barrier line set we carry has slow retracting belts with locks, and universal belt ends. Our wall barriers are compatible with most major brands such as Tensabarrier, Lavi Beltrac, and Queue Solutions.

In addition to heavy duty belt stands, we also offer Retractable Belt Stanchions, Plastic Chain & Stanchions, Post and Rope Stanchions, and accessories such as stanchion carts for your crowd control system.