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Traffic Delineator Posts & Safety Bollard Covers for Sale

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Flexible Delineator Posts with Bases and Delineator Cones

We are often asked what is a delineator? Simply put, a flexible delineator is a great method of controlling traffic. Crowd Control Store’s road delineators for sale come in a variety of options including standard traffic delineator posts, reboundable delineator posts, and delineator cones. Our flexible traffic posts, which are designed to rebound when accidently struck by traffic, are a great visible cue for cars and can survive impacts up to 75 mph. These road delineators can be attached multiple ways to ensure they work properly. We also have a traffic delineator that can be stuck directly into the ground for more flexible applications. These traffic control delineators are available in a variety of colors and reflective sheeting options for low-light visibility.

In additional to fixed options we also carry delineator cones. These traffic delineators for sale function similarly to traffic cones in that they come with a heavy yet portable base. However, these barrier wall delineator posts with bases are much taller and thinner, starting at 42”, with easy carry handles. Other than their bases, which remove for storage, the plastic traffic delineators are much lighter than your typical cone.

What is a Bollard and Why Do I Need a Bollard Post Cover?

A simple bollard definition (sometimes misspelled as bolard or bollad) is a fixed, rigid post to keep vehicles away from valuable property. Typically steel, bollards can also be made from concrete or other construction materials. Ideally a vehicle will hit the parking bollard pole and not be able to damage your building or passing pedestrians. To keep your bollard posts safe, you want to protect them with a bollard cover. The most popular of the plastic traffic bollards is a yellow safety bollard cover. However, we carry a full range of decorative bollard colors with and without colored reflective tape. As always if we do not have the variation of traffic safety bollard barrier or delineators posts you are looking for reach out to our team of experts for help. We are also asked what is a bollard in construction? These traffic control bollards are typically temporary in nature and movable to fit project needs. So call us today at (866) 715-6006 to discuss bollard meaning and options for your needs.

In addition to traffic bollards for sale, we also offer Retractable Belt Stanchions, Wall Mount Barriers, Post and Rope Stanchions, and accessories such as stanchion carts for your crowd control system.