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About Our Safety Barricade, Road Barrier, & Other Portable Barricades for Sale

If you want to restrict access to a specific area or create an enclosed section for an event, look no further than Crowd Control Store’s extensive collection of high-quality portable safety barriers (sometimes referred to as baracading). Our sturdy and dependable barrier fencing have many different applications, helping you secure events of any size quickly and conveniently while creating portable barrier systems. Not only can crowd barricades direct traffic or pedestrians but they can also act as a portable barricade gate.

Our crowd control barricades can be used either outdoors or indoors, and they come in several different styles. The classic interlocking steel bike rack barricade has been a popular item for decades. These steel fence pedestrian barriers are weather-resistant, thanks to their hot-dipped galvanized steel construction. They’re also easy to set up and tear down due to the convenient upright frame inserts. These fence barricades even come with their own welded signs and carrying handles, making them perfect as portable barrier event barricades. We also have a plastic barrier fence version for events, and a plastic construction barricade for heavy duty applications. All plastic traffic barriers are weatherproof and UV resistant.

One of the steel interlocking barricade’s best features is the option for either flat feet or bridged feet. Depending on where you’re installing this crowd control fencing, you might want flat feet, which are perfect for use on level surfaces like sidewalks, roads, and parking lots. If you’re using these barricades on inconsistent surfaces — for instance, in a backyard or the lawn at a public park — the interlocking barriers design of bridged feet is a more stable option. You can easily swap out the different styles of feet with no tools required.

Another popular option for crowd blocker portable barriers is our premium Retracta-Cade quick deployment barricade. This highly portable road barricade was originally developed by a former police lieutenant who understood the importance of having a portable crowd control street barrier of the highest quality that can be deployed in a matter of minutes. Made of anodized aluminum for weather resistance, Retracta-Cade barricades have threaded locking carabiners and easy release levers for simple deployment. The expanding barrier arms and legs easily compact so multiple of this portable folding safety barrier can fit in just about any standard size trunk. Choose from six different road closed barricade sign designs and optional high-intensity reflective sheeting for increased visibility. They are typically used as fire or police barricades for security fence.

A Frame Barricades & Jersey Barriers for Sale

Need a sturdy plastic barrier for road safety? We offer several different styles of a frame traffic barriers and interlocking plastic barrier wall including safety water filled barriers with blow-molded polyethylene or polypropylene for weather resistance. Our interlocking plastic jersey barricades are available in several sizes such as the popular 32″ jersey wall barrier, and colors — including blue, orange, white, and red plastic barrier walls — and they even include ADA-compliant ergonomic handrails. For additional safety, you can add a ten-pack of our LED barricade safety lights to our plastic fencing. We carry many different plastic barrier sizes and colors.

In addition to plastic barrier fencing, we also have an assortment of standard traffic barricades. These street safety barriers have that tradition a-frame leg design with high visibility reflective sheeting over the barrier slats. They are simply named after the amount of portable barrier slats in the a frames. You can choose from a simple type 1 barricade, folding frame type 2 barricade, or a full sized type 3 barricade. We offer a standard engineering grade reflective sheet or a high intensity version on our type iii barricades for increased visibility. Being lightweight, folding, and highly portable make a frame barricades perfect temporary barriers.

Feel free to contact us today by calling (866) 715-6006 if you would like to learn more about our various portable safety fence and accessories such as barricade lights or barricade sign. We can help you find the perfect crowd control fencing product for any application and have plastic barricades, plastic road barriers, and plastic traffic barriers for sale at great discount prices all ready to ship.

Looking for retractable fence retractable barriers? We also offer Retractable Belt Stanchions, Wall Mount Barriers, Post and Rope Stanchions, and accessories such as stanchion carts for your crowd control system.