Retractable Belt Stanchions

Retractable Belt Stanchions

Retractable Belt Stanchions, also known as a line barriers, barriers, or posts, are one of the most popular solutions for controlling crowds to form lines today. We offer the highest quality retractable queue belt barriers for creating lines or blocking off restricted areas. Check out our line divider retractable stanchions for sale:

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Featured Retractable Belt Barrier

Featured retractable belt barrier model stanchion images.

Our Featured Retractable Belt Stanchion

The Visiontron PRIME RETRACTA-BELT line divider strikes a perfect balance of sought-after features, industry leading quality, and deeply discounted prices. Yes, there are cheaper retractable stanchion barriers on the market but make sure to check the fine print. Industry stanchion size standard height is a 40” tall belt stanchion, many low-cost teasers are only 36” meaning your new retractable barriers will not line up with existing crowd control stanchions.

Another key metric for a crowd divider is retractable belt length. Most too good to be true prices are for a 6.5 ft to 7.5’ retractable ribbon meaning you have to buy twice as many vs. our 10’ belt barriers for crowd control lines. Also make sure they come with standard crowd rope barrier safety technology such as slow retracting belts and locks!

featured outdoor stanchion

Our outdoor weather-resistant retractable rope barrier.

Other Retractable Barrier Belt Stanchions

In addition to our low-cost model, we also offer a top-of-the-line Visiontron 300 Series retractable belt barricade. These retractable crowd barriers are manufactured with your choice of heavy-gauge aircraft aluminum or stainless steel pedestrian barriers, making them our most durable retractable security rope barriers.

You can choose from 10’ or 15’ retractable safety straps in a dozen different colors and designs to customize your queue line divider.

These line stanchions even come with a ten-year factory direct manufacturer’s warranty, providing you with a quality retractable barrier for many years to come.

The best part is the crowd stanchions are all easy to set up and maintain. No tools are required to simply twist our retractable belt stanchion posts into their bases for a long-lasting no tilt line control barrier. While these safety barriers are not foldable, we do offer easy storage stanchion carts.

We also carry ABS plastic retractable crowd control stanchions with high end coatings to help resist the elements. You can buy these ribbon barriers in a wide range of high-visibility colors for greater safety outdoors. We also have several styles of retractable belt posts that comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act. These ADA-compliant retractable barrier belt stanchions include dual-line belts for visually impaired queue navigation and work great as bank rope dividers.

Premium Retractable Belt Stanchions

Premium retractable belt stanchion models available in 10′, 15′ or dual line belts.

If a simple retractable stanchion setup is for you, or if you are looking for wholesale stanchions, look no further than our crowd control barriers retractable free shipping sets. We bundle together popular line control stanchions and pick up the shipping costs to help save you money. Overwhelmed by the choices and our stock retractable belt barrier stanchions bundles are not right for you? Feel free to call a crowd control store expert at (866) 715-6006 today and let our team help find the crowd control stanchion that fits your retractable crowd control post needs.

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All of our retractable line dividers offer industry leading:

  • Retractable belt lengths = less crowd control stanchions to buy
  • Safety features = slow retracting belt brakes with safety locks
  • Universal belt ends = compatible with your existing line posts
  • Warranties = high quality for long lasting satisfaction guarantees
  • Innovations such as EVERstraight® Technology and no-tools set up