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Stanchion Carts, Parts, & Accessories

Stanchion Carts, Parts, & Accessories

Crowd Control Panel System Series Feature Comparison Chart

Summary:Lightweight Easy Set UpEasily Changeable GraphicsDurable Heavy Gauge
Standard Sizes48" x 24", 72" x 24"48" x 33", 72" x 33"48" x 34", 72" x 34",
92" x 34", 48" x 66"
Printing Method:On InsertOn Insert or PaperOn Insert or Paper
Ease of Insert:ModerateEasyModerate / Secure
Durability:Strong (with bungee)ModerateStrong
Required Posts:Single LineDual LineDual Line / 6' for 48" x 66"
Weather Resistance:Yes - Anodized AluminumYes - Anodized AluminumYes - Anodized Aluminum
Warranty:10 Years10 Years10 Years
Installation / Set Up:EasyModerateModerate

Stanchion storage can be difficult, given the bulky size and weight of portable units. Selecting a stanchion cart, which is ideal for stanchion storage, makes deploying and recovering stanchions quick and easy. Crowdcontrolstore provides premium stanchion storage carts which can tolerate outdoor conditions and heavy use. Our panel systems are compatible with most major brands such as Tensabarrier, Lavi Beltrac, and Queue Solutions.

We also offer Outdoor Safety Barriers, Wall Mount Barriers,  Post and Rope Stanchions, and accessories such as stanchion carts for your crowd control system.