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Stanchions New Items

Classic Posts, Ropes
& Carpets

Classic Post & Rope Stanchions

Elegant crowd control stanchion posts for ropes or chains. Available in many styles and finishes to compliment any decor. 

Retractable Belt Barriers Stanchion

Retractable Belt Stanchions

Retractable belt stanchions are are the most effective, versatile  and durable form of crowd control stanchions. 

Plastic Stanchions

Plastic Stanchions border=

When you are on a budget, or want an easy, portable crowd guidance system, plastic stanchions may be the solution. 

Fixed and Removable Stanchions

Fixed & Removable Stanchions

For a more secure and permanent placement, we offer a great selection of fixed and removable stanchions

Stanchion Sets

Stanchion Sets

For your convenience, we have configured our most popular stanchions into kits with belts, ropes or chain.

Stanchion Carts

Stanchion Carts

Save time and space with our Stanchion Carts. Our stanchion carts are available at the lowest prices.

What’s a “Stanchion”? How are they used? What type do I need?

Good questions. Allow us to give you the answers:

Sometimes referred to as belt barriers, crowd control posts, queue posts, or queuing systems, a Stanchion is defined as an upright post that features either a retractable belt, post rope, or plastic chain that serves to control and manage crowds.

They are often seen used as line barriers or queue barriers in places like airports, movie theaters, hotels, restaurants…basically anywhere that you need to manage a large amount of people.

Let’s take an in-depth look at the different types of stanchions, and their applications:

Posts & Rope - These are typically used in applications where an aesthetically-pleasing look is desired, with crowd control as a secondary concern. Typical applications include theaters, museums, restaurants, clubs, displays, churches, and other “elegant” events.

Retractable Belt - The most effective form of crowd control when dealing with lines and queues. While not usually as design-conscious in appearance as Posts & Rope, a quality retractable barrier can still be attractive. Even better, the belts and posts can easily be customized with your message, logo or artwork. We offer a wide range of post finishes and belt tape colors for your retractable crowd control needs.

Plastic – Economical and lightweight, these are ideal when budget and ease of portability are the chief concerns. High quality UVPVC plastic construction makes them stable and durable for the price, and for added stability they can be filled with gravel if desired. Numerous styles are available, including long span and heavy duty options, simulated chrome finish, or custom printed with your own design or wording.