Yellow Jacket WAS AMS & ADA Compliant Wheelchair Ramp System

Yellow Jacket WASP AMS - Wheelchair Ramp. Complete System to Protect Cables, is ADA Compliant, and Expandable!
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The Yellow Jacket AMS Accessibility Ramps Kits are ADA Cable Ramp Compliant, Heavy Duty and all weather Cable Protectors that makes the task of protecting cables in industrial environments much more manageable. These 5-channel cable covers flip open to organize up to (5) 2.3" bundles, protecting them from rain, snow, heat, impact, and other destructive conditions.

What's special about this ADA ramp system?

  • It is a complete ADA cable ramp system that allows expansion for extra wide ramps.
  • The ramp can be easily accessed using carts, dollies, and wheelchairs.
  • These ramps meets all ADA guidelines and displays the ADA wheelchair symbol.
  • These wheelchair ramps are easy to assemble as they snap into place quickly and easily.
  • Several WASP AMS systems can be combined to form a wider ramp and still provide a stable connection.
  • Cable floor cover is compatible with Yellow Jacket Classic and Yellow Jacket AMS.
  • 4.8 Degree Ramp
  • ADA Compliant (with wheelchair symbol displayed)
  • Cable floor cover is easily assembled
  • Compatible with Yellow Jacket Classic or any other 5 channel cord protectors that use the dog bone connector with the aid of Interconnects
  • Directly connects with other Yellow Jacket AMS system cord protectors
  • Yellow Jacket Cable Ramps Are Strong, durable material
AMS ADA System Kit 1 - YJAMS Center Section
-2 WASP ADA Ramps
- 4 ZERO Taper Ramps
- 2 Interconnects
AMS ADA System Kit 2 - YJAMS Center Section
-2 WASP ADA Ramps
- 4 ZERO Taper Ramps
AMS ADA System Kit 3 - YJAMS Center Section
-2 WASP ADA Ramps

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WASP AMS ADA Compliant Cable Ramp (PDF)

WASP AMS Accessories (PDF)

WASP AMS Assembly (PDF)

View Chemical, Oil and Solvent Resistance (PDF)

ADA Ramp System Parts

WeightChannel HeightChannel Width
Center Section36"12"1.9"16 lbs1.20"1.25"
ADA Ramps20.9"36"1.9"27 lbs--
Tapered Side Ramps19.25"18.5"1.9"4.5 lbs-

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