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Traffic Control Equipment

Need help choosing the best solution for you? Give our product specialists a call at 866-715-6006 or
Check out our Traffic Control Supplies | Traffic Control Equipment For Sale guide below!

If you don't see the traffic control supplies you're looking for, there’s only a small chance that it exists. We have a variety of Cones, Delineator Posts, Drums, Channelizers and Plastic & Metro-Cade Barricades to ensure the safety of your vehicles and personnel, with a focus on high visibililty and durability. Our selection of traffic control equipment is second to none! 


Our traffic control equipment for sale is stocked with Cable Covers, and Speed Bumps & Humps to ensure that vehicles travel at a safe speed and that sensitive equipment is protected from traffic. If you're looking for Tensabarrier Stanchions, click here! 

Need help choosing the best solution for you?
Check out our Traffic Control Supplies | Traffic Control Equipment For Sale guide below!

Traffic Control Supplies | Traffic Control Equipment For Sale Guide


There’s more to the world of traffic control than barricades. While those may be the go to device for traffic situations, there are many other versatile products available to keep order and safety in parking lots, garages, roads and construction sites. Let’s take a look at some of the offerings that let you control and direct traffic.


Good old traffic cones. This ubiquitous traffic solution can help you set up a perimeter or visual warning barrier to mark an area as off limits or separate lanes, delineate parking areas and more. With their bright safety orange or lime green coloration, traffic cones are hard to miss in any visibility situation. To make them even more unmissable, reflective striping is available. Cones come in a wide range of sizes, from 12 to 36 inches, making them a great option for pedestrian and vehicular traffic situations.

Traffic Safety Cones

There are also a number of cone-related accessories to give your traffic safety cone set-up a little more oomph. Cone and chain adapters can help you create a barrier between cones with reflective plastic chain, or an adjustable cone bar can accomplish the same thing with a stiffer barrier. Cone mounted sign holders and solar powered cone topper lights are available as well for a little bit of added visibility. There are even toppers that basically turn your cones into retractable belt stanchions.


Delineators, lane separators and bollard covers are great when you want to avoid having cars banging into big pieces of metal (including other cars). Delineator posts and lane separatorsystems are a great solution for a temporary perimeter or traffic direction set up, and more permanent traffic delineator posts are available as well.

Delineator Posts and Bollard Covers

Bollard covers are plastic sheaths for steel bumper posts that protect both the post and any vehicle that happens to give it a nudge. They’re available in a number of finish and color options, so they can look pretty while still protecting your parking lots and garages.


Speaking of parking lots and garages, there are a number of products to keep these areas protected and safe. Bumper wrapswill protect light poles and support columns, overhead clearance bars will keep too-large vehicles from damaging entry ways (not to mention damaging the vehicles themselves), and pipe guards can help protect property and sensitive equipment such as fuel dispensers.

Parking Lot Equipment

And don’t forget curbs and parking stops. Plastic options in multiple sizes and colors, as well as rubber options with reflective striping for extra visibility, are available to keep cars from bonking into curbs in parking lots. Unlike concrete parking blocks, rubber and plastic versions are more forgiving, and won’t chip or crack, meaning you’ll be replacing curbs less often.


Rubber and plastic speed bumps will help keep vehicles from traveling too fast in parking lots or other areas where safety necessitates keeping speeds low. There are permanent optionsthat install directly into the asphalt, or temporary options that are modular, allowing you to add or remove sections and end caps as needed.

Speed Humps and Speed Bumps

There are also a number of cable and hose protectors available for instances where you need to run a wire or hose across an area that vehicles will be traveling on. They are often modular and can feature up to 5 channels, protecting your cabling from vehicular traffic as well as pedestrians.

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