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Traffic Cones

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Check out our Road Traffic Cones | Traffic Safety Cones guide below!

Traffic Cones

Road Traffic Cones | Traffic Safety Cones Guide



Traffic safety cones are a ubiquitous and well-known form of traffic control and crowd management, for both foot and vehicular traffic. Our road traffic cones let you do a lot with them: block or separate a lane, indicate a hazardous area, create a perimeter. But not every traffic cone is the same. There are lots of things to consider, from size to color and more. Let’s dig a little deeper and find out just how many ways there are to trick out a traffic cone.



Most cones are either blaze orange (also known as safety orange) or lime green, for visibility purposes. Their bright color makes them hard to miss. Sizes range from 12 inches to 36 inches, and reflective collars can be added for even more visibility in low light conditions.


Standard cones are enough to create a perimeter or mark a hazard in pedestrian situations, but when dealing with vehicles or roads, you’ll want to ensure your cones are DOT approved, which means they’ve been tested to meet the standards to use on roadways. JBC offers a wide range of size options for these heavier duty cones.



A traffic cone kit is an all-in-one solution designed to provide you with a full traffic control system right out of the box. Our kits contain six traffic cones, but some options include accessories like cone bars and chains to create a clearer barrier system.



A custom message spray-painted or stenciled in vinyl on your cones can allow you to present a clear message, as well as identify cones to prevent theft. Cones can be printed with pre-designated messages including “CAUTION”, “WET FLOOR”, “SLOW” or “NO PARKING” or can be customized with your own 12 character message. A set of 8 white custom cones is also available that can feature text or your custom logo for branding purposes.



A number of accessories can be used to turn your traffic cones into something more substantial. Adjustable cone bars, chain adapters and retractable belt cone toppers can transform your cones into a more obvious barrier or perimeter system. Sign adapters let you display a message atop your cones, and cone lights can add extra visibility. Cone weights, that slip over the cone itself to settle on the base, can add stability in windy or otherwise adverse conditions. 

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