Airport Ground Support Equipment

It takes a lot to keep an airport running smoothly. Paramount among the concerns, in addition to keeping everything clean, organized and running smoothly, is proper airport ground support equipment. We offer a wide range of traffic control equipment to address this both inside the airport and out on the runway.


For the runway, our airport ground support equipment includes, low profile airport barricades, closure markers and flags, as well as LED safety wands, warning signs, brightly colored safety clothing and a number of other traffic control equipment. Bird and wildlife repellers are also available to help keep the skies free and clear; from sonic repellers to visual repellers. In addition to our low profile barricades, we’ve got channelizer drums, delineator posts and more for any airport construction project. Extra long span retractable belt barriers can also help direct foot traffic on the tarmac.

To keep things safe and organized inside the airport, we offer a range of airport ground support equipment and security products, including body scanners and metal detectors (both handheld and walk-through), security turnstiles and gates, and of course, receptacles for waste. Everything you need to direct and control ground traffic – be it pedestrian, vehicle, or plane – is right here in our traffic control equipment section.

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