Traffic Control Roadway Barricade MB42x45LCD

Interlocking barricade acts as a perimeter or channelizer. Federally accepted at 65mph. Fills the void between concrete barriers & drums. Attach lights, signs or reflective panels. 42" high, 45" long, 23.5" wide. Weighs 44lbs. empty, 760lbs. w/ water.
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When you need a barricade to act as a perimeter or channelizer but want to save money, consider the MB42x45 LCD. It's federally accepted at 65 mph.
The MB42x45 fills the void between concrete barriers and drums.

MB42x45s can accommodate 28.5" x 36" signs or reflective panels.
Signs are attached with screws into four pre-threaded holes. Lights attach easily.

  • Accepted by FHWA as Longitudinal Channelizing Device at TL3
  • NCHRP-350 crash tested and accepted at TL3 (suitable for high speed work zones). Federal acceptance letter WZ-214.
  • Barricades can hold battery-operated or solar safety lights.
  • Triangular shape allows for easy storage by forming two barricades into a cube, which is then easily stackable.
  • Requires no additional hardware or parts.
  • Molded high density plastic expands if water freezes.
  • Much easier to set up than concrete.
  • Requires no additional hardware or parts and forms an interlocking wall in any configuration
  • Due to their visibility and imposing nature, drivers respect these devices.
  • Widely-spaced folding barricades, drums and cones are often confusing. LCD's positive visual delineation by forming a wall.
  • LCD's keep drivers & pedestrians from short-cutting through construction zones.
  • Other delineation devices are easily knocked over by traffic or weather, whereas water-filled barricades are stable.
  • They positively delineate work zones at night and in bad weather
  • Due to their visibility and imposing nature, drivers respect these devices.
  • Positive delineation. Widely spaced folding barricades, drums and cones are often confusing. The MB 42x45 provides visual delineation by forming a wall, thus greatly diminishing confusion for drivers and pedestrians.
  • Barricades are safety stabilized when filled with water and stand up to bad weather or careless driving, clearly delineating work zones.
  • The addition of lights and reflective sheeting make for a safe work zone at night.
  • Meets MUTCD specification 6F.66 for Longitudinal Channelizing Device.
  • Meets NCHRP-350 requirements for Longitudinal Channelizing Devices at TL3.
  • Accepted by FHWA as a Longitudinal Channelizing Device for speeds of up to 62.5 mph (TL3).
COLORS: Safety Orange
COMPOSITION: High impact, UV resistant, high density polyethylene
SIZE: Height: 42" / 106.6 cm, Length: 45" / 114.3 cm, Width: 23.5" / 59.7 cm
WEIGHT: Empty: 44 lbs. / 19.9 kg, Full: 760 lbs. / 344.7 kg
WATER BALLAST: 18.8 gallons / 71.1 liters

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More Information
Finish Orange
Color Orange
Length 45 in.
Height 42 in.
Width 23.5 in.
Fillable Water
Material High Density Polyethylene
Brands Off the Wall Products
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