Tensabarrier Stanchion Merchandising Kit

Tensabarrier Stanchion Merchandising Kit

Tensator In-Queue Merchandising Solutions

A merchandising solution that allows you to take advantage of a captive audience while they wait in line.
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The Tensator In-Queue Merchandising Solution offers a way for you to take advantage of customers waiting in line to increase your sales! Available in a number of different finishes to match your existing decor, the single line queue improves your customer management and guidance to checkout. Make your shopper's experience a good one by using this merchandising solution to strategically advertise and offer well-places impulse purchases. These are made to order, so please call for pricing. Free design service is included.


Features and benefits:

  • Maximizes customer efficiency and increasing sales and profitability 
  • Improves productivity and operational efficiency
  • Minimizes customer wait times and reduces overall frustration 
  • Increases customer satisfaction and retention rates
  • Makes wait time engaging 
  • Positively influences customer behavior
  • Turns waiting time into shopping time for more profitability
  • Transforms the queuing space into a chance to sell even more
  • Promotes brands, increases signage and advertising


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