Tensabarrier InQ Package with T890 Retail System

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Tensabarrier InQ retail system assist your customers in checkout. Set up the posts to best meet your needs - and the needs of your customers!! A single line queue will improve customer flow by 25%, reducing customer walk away.

This great kit features 6 Tensabarrier T890 posts, 2 Merchandising Bowls and 1 Frame 8.5x11. Everything you need to guide your customers through checkout.
  • The Tensabarrier posts each stand 40" high, with a 7.5' belt, weigh 24 pounds each and feature a black no-scuff base. Select from several post finishes and belt colors.
  • The Merchandising Bowls measure 12.5" across. 75% of customers will look at /products in the bowl, and 35% will pick up the merchandise!! Increase your sales with these great bowls!!
  • The Sign frame helps inform your customers!! You can inform your customers of the entrance point, to wait for the next available clerk - anything!
  • This set will help your business, your customers, your employees - and your revenue!!
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