Teenage Driving: A Safety Guide for Parents and Young Drivers

Getting a driver’s license is a rite of passage for many teenagers. However, teenage drivers are responsible for 20% of all vehicle collisions in the United States, and most of them are due to reckless driving. With this in mind, it’s important for teenagers as well as parents of teenagers who are about to get their license to take the time to research safe driving and the consequences that can stem from irresponsible behavior behind the wheel.

Safe Driving Tips for Teens

  • Teen Driving Tips: Find helpful driving tips covering topics such as inclement weather, general safety, merging, and more.
  • Teen Driving Guide: This page covers everything necessary about learning to drive and understanding the risks of getting behind the wheel.
  • The Keys to Defensive Driving: Learning about defensive driving can help drivers avoid crashes. Even when one person is following the rules, it’s not a guarantee that other drivers will as well.
  • Teen Driver Safety Tips: Safety behind the wheel doesn’t have to be difficult. There are plenty of tips that teens can follow to ensure that they are being safe drivers.
  • Teen Drivers: Get helpful facts and tips about being a safe driver on the road.
  • Staying in Control Behind the Wheel: Helping Teens Become Safer Drivers: This article offers helpful tips, rules, and research about teen driving statistics to ensure that all new drivers who get behind the wheel know how to be safe drivers.
  • Teen Driving: The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has compiled a list of tips and information to help teens feel more prepared while learning how to drive.

Driving Under the Influence

  • Teen DUI Statistics: This page takes a stark look at statistics surrounding driving under the influence.
  • Teen Drinking and Driving: Learn more about the problem of teen drinking and driving and what can be done about it.
  • Impaired Driving: Impaired driving doesn’t just cover drunk driving; using drugs, either legal or illegal, can also impair your ability to drive safely.
  • Teen Driving Crash and Fatality Stats: Car crashes are the number one killer of teenagers in the United States, and many of these crashes are caused by drugs and alcohol.
  • The Facts About Teenage Drinking and Driving: SADD explains the common side effects of drug and alcohol use for those behind the wheel and how alcohol-related accidents are incredibly common for teens and young adults.

Teen Driver Facts

  • Teen Driving Statistics: This page offers statistics about teen driving in the state of Colorado as well as the United States as a whole.
  • Fact Sheet: Barriers to Safe Driving for Teens: Learn from research about motor vehicle crashes involving teenagers and young adults who have recently obtained their licenses.
  • 11 Facts About Teen Driving: This article lists facts about the risk factors of teen driving and how to take action by focusing on safe driving for new drivers!
  • Teen Drivers Fact Sheet: Read more about the factors that contribute to car accidents involving teen drivers and how they can be prevented.

Avoiding Risky Behavior

  • The Risk of Taking Risks: Teenagers often need help avoiding risky behaviors, but there are plenty of risks that new drivers may not think about.
  • What Are Some Known Solutions to Risky Driving? There are so many potential risk factors that lead to distracted driving, and this page covers a few of the laws and solutions that can be used to reduce risky driving.
  • How Can You Prevent Your Teen’s Risky Driving? This article delves into potential solutions for preventing teenagers from making risky driving decisions.
  • Behind the Wheel Toolkit: This online toolkit covers information for teachers, parents, and teenagers about risky behavior behind the wheel and how it can be prevented.
  • Eating While Driving: One of the most prevalent forms of distracted driving is eating or drinking while driving, which can present serious safety risks on the road.