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Surface Mounts For Traffic Delineator Posts

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There are two alternative options (other than pre-cut Thermo Pads) for surface mounting FlexStake Delineator Posts: Epoxy (for long term applications) and Butyl roll (for short term applications). Each option will mount a different number of posts.

Each item includes:

  • (1) 190ML tube of self-mixing 2 part epoxy (use with standard caulking gun - not included)


  • (1) Butyl roll (8 inches by 20 feet by 1/8 inch - cut to size)


  • (1) Thermo Pad (8 inches by 8 inches - single use)

Features and benefits:

  • Epoxy is ideal for permanent installations (roadways, highways, thoroughfares, merge lanes) and will mount up to 3 posts per tube of adhesive
  • Butyl roll is ideal for temporary applications (such as construction areas) and will mount up to 30 posts per roll. Can be used in permanent applications if surface mount base is bolted down
  • Thermo Pad is for permanent installations and is for use on a single post only


  • Thermo Pad instructions for installation:
    • Pad must be applied with heating torch
    • Make sure pavement surface is clean and dry prior to application
    • Place pad smooth side down, textured side up
    • Thoroughly melt pad before applying surface mount post

Epoxy: 190 milliliter tube (0.75 lbs.)

Butyl roll measurements: 8 in. x 20 ft. x 1/8 in. (10.57 lbs.)

Thermo pad measurements: 8 in. x 8 in. (0.6 lbs.)

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Product Questions

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Can the flex post be mounted in dirt? If yes, how?
There are specific Flexstake posts that are designed to mount into the ground, usually via a spike. On our Delineator Post page look for any product listed as "ground mount" or "soil anchor" and you will find those designed for mounting in dirt.
Customer Support answered on December 13, 2016
how does the thermo pad hold up when used on smooth concrete and mixed with snow and ice?
Flexstake does not recommend using the Thermo-Pad on concrete in cold or warm weather. The best method would be to use mechanical anchoring bolts, or epoxy.
Customer Support answered on February 24, 2017


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