Stanchions (Stantions) & Retractable Belt Stanchion Posts for Sale

Find some of our top selling stanchions for sale or browse the categories below to find exactly what you are looking for. As our inventory keeps changing, and we work directly with top custom manufacturers, contact us if you do not see the combination you are looking for and we will find that stanchion for you!

Stanchions / Stantion Posts are effective when dealing with lines and queues

Stanchions (otherwise known as Stantions, Stansions, Stancions, or even Stachions) provide effective directional guidance for people when dealing with lines and queues. A stanchion post, connected to a series of other stanchion posts, form easy to setup and maintain crowd control barriers that help organize and maintain efficient traffic flow. CrowdControlStore has a huge selection of easy-to-use, built-to-last stanchions from top manufacturers. Custom post stanchions and belts are available as well.

What is a Stanchion?

We are often asked for a stanchion definition and what are stanchions used for. At Crowd Control Store we define stanchion as an upright pole or post that can be either Fixed, Removable, or Portable with a method for connecting one stanchion pole to another. They are sometimes called Stantions, Stansions, Stancions, or Stachions however we go with the most common spelling. The methods of connection include retractable belt straps, ropes, chains, or even panels to create paths for people to follow. These paths, or often called queues, act as channels in part of an effective crowd control system to help guide the flow of people throughout your facility. That is our stanchion meaning.

While typically made from metal, line posts come in a variety of materials from steel to aluminum to plastic and can be used indoors or outside. Another big difference in portable stanchions are their bases. The lower end queue stanchions come with cement filled (we only offer quality, fully filled, high-density cement models to prevent the potential for cracking) or cast-iron bases. As mentioned, make sure those low-priced queue line stanchions do not cheap out on the cement or you will be replacing them every year (sometimes as soon as you take them out of the box)!

We stand behind every stanchion pole for sale by ensuring they carry a manufacturer warranty and have been tested to last. Our team of experts can not only help you select the right fence stanchion, but advise how to set it up, maintain it, and build proper queues.

So, what is our stanchion definition? A great priced stanchion post that is easy to set up in a queue line that will be easy to maintain and stand up to abuse. Looking for a crowd control stanchion near me? With low priced shipping and in stock options Crowd Control Store can help you buy stanchions today!

Types of Crowd Control Barriers carries many types of crowd control barriers. Our largest selection is in portable retractable belt posts. They are the most common stanchion post you are most likely to find in airports, stadiums, as trade show stanchions, and even your favorite restaurants. The most cost-effective posts are made from steel and are meant to be used in indoors for lighter traffic areas. They can be heavy, but they are built to last. We also have stainless steel variants which can used outdoors as they are highly weather resistant. We offer retractable stanchions with a variety of belt lengths and colors, or classic stanchions with velvet or velour rope.

Those outdoor models feature high visibility finishes and belts. If you are looking for a lightweight (easy to move) solution that is also meant to stand the test of time against high traffic crowds such as banks, restaurants, stadiums, or airports, look no further than our aluminum blockade stanchion post models. Built from heavy duty aircraft grade aluminum, they will long out live their industry leading warranties. Plus, they are all simple no-tool setup designs. If you need a bit more style, say for a casino or theater, we also offer the classic red velvet rope and post stanchions. You can find the same line of materials and qualities plus higher end velour and microfiber ropes, plus braided plastic styles perfect for long term outdoor use.

In addition to steel stanchion, we also offer plastic stanchions and plastic chain which are lightweight, affordable, and meant to be left outside all the time. The stanchion poles are available in multiple bright colors to stand out or blend in with your environment. While we only list a few on site, contact us today for a complete rainbow of choices. The line posts and chains can even come in multiple color options. Now to let you in on a little secret, we can tell you the best type of crowd control barriers – ones with free shipping. Check out our large selection of pre-made free shipping stanchion sets today!

If you have a concrete stanchion base we have the covers you are looking for.

Stanchion in Use for Queue


Do you offer replacement parts for stanchions?

You can shop select stanchion replacement parts and accessories on our website. If you cannot find the exact replacement parts for your existing stanchions contact our customer service team. We will be more than happy to assist you.

Do you offer custom stanchions?

Yes, we provide many options to customize your stanchions, such as retractable barrier belt printing. Please contact our team today to discuss all of our customization solutions at (866) 715-6006.

What types of stanchions are there?

There are a wide variety of stanchions available on our website. Some of the stanchions you can choose from in our shop are magnetic stanchions, outdoor stanchions, in-ground stanchions, portable stanchions, and so on. We can also customize a solution according to your requirements.

How far apart should I place stanchions?

How far apart you should place your stanchions would depend on the kind of stanchions you are using, the length of the barrier (retractable belt or rope) and the floor space you are attempting to manage.

A good rule of thumb for retractable belt stanchions is to leave about 6” to 1’ of belt unused. So a 10’ belt should be extended no more than 9 1/2’ for maximum stability. Traditional Post & Rope Stanchions should have 3” of extra slack added to the belt for swag. So if you need a 6’ belt you need to order 6’ 3”. Rope cannot be longer than 6’ for post use and 10’ for wall mount use. From that information you can determine how many posts and the length of belt/rope needed. Still unsure? contact our customer service team for assistance.

Are double belt stanchions or single belt stanchions better?

Double belt stanchions are better for controlling crowds and ensuring certain areas remain inaccessible. Double belt stanchions are ADA compliant for the visually impaired while single belt retractable barriers are not. If you just want to maintain a queue, single belt stanchions are a perfect solution. The kind of stanchion that would be best would depend on your specific requirements. If you are unsure, you can contact our customer service team for assistance.

Are stainless steel or plastic stanchions better?

Steel stanchions can be more durable while plastic stanchions can be more inexpensive and lightweight. Therefore, both are great options depending on your exact needs. If you are not sure which to choose, you can contact our customer service team for assistance.

For help finding the right product, contact a Crowd Control Expert (866) 715-6006