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Signs and Sign Frames for Stanchions

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Check out our Crowd Control Signs | Portable Sign Stand guide below!

Signs and Sign Frames for Stanchions

Crowd Control Signs | Portable Sign Stand Guide


A good sign frame or bracket for a portable sign stand is a great way to turn your crowd control signs into an instructional tool. Stanchion signs can tell customers where to enter or exit a line, where to wait for the next available teller or cashier, whether an area is off limits, and much more. Typically, these signs are pre-printed on acrylic sheets, or printed on paper and then slid between two clear acrylic sheets for stability.




A retractable portable sign stand frame usually consists of an adapter that fits onto the top of a belt barrier, with four “fingers” that fit around the receiver end sections of the cassette. On top of this adapter is the sign frame itself, which features inserts with different text that can be switched out as desired. There are a few methods for switching out the sign inserts, which may include a slit in the top of the sign frame, or may involve actually removing the top edge of the frame and replacing it after switching out the sign.


Retractable portable sign stand frames are only compatible with their corresponding brands, meaning that Signature Series signs will only work with Signature Series stanchion posts, QueueWay signs will only work with QueueWay posts, etc.




A sign for a plastic stanchion, instead of being a full frame, is instead composed of a plastic bracket that replaces the acorn top of the post, and usually features C-hooks to attach plastic chain. Acrylic inserts are slotted into the top of the bracket. While retractable frames for crowd control signs are usually steel, plastic stanchion brackets are, fittingly, plastic.




Signs for classic posts take a different approach toward affixing the frame to our crowd control signs. Rather than an adapter or a bracket to replace the top, metal post signs mount into a “tapped” hole. A tapped post features a threaded hole in the top of the stanchion, which a sign holder then screws into. While retractable barrier signs utilize frames and plastic posts utilize brackets, both frames and brackets are available for metal stanchion posts.Some classic stanchion sign frames can only be used with a particular manufacturer's posts, so be sure to check the compatibility when ordering. 

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