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Signage and Advertising

Need help choosing the best solution for you? Give our product specialists a call at 866-715-6006 or
Check out our Stanchion Sign | Stanchion Sign Holder guide below!

Get your message across with our stanchion signs and message boards. Convey important messages with our sign holders and frames for retractable belt barriers and plastic stanchions, and advertise your business or promotion with custom retractable banners and barricade covers that can be printed with any graphics you desire!


Additionally, we offer counter curbside signs and poster hodlers, changeable letter boards, and custom banners for barricades and belt barriers. These signage solutions are perfect for directing traffic or providing information in any retail space, hotel, event venue, park, airport or theater. Ensure safety and order with our comprehensive sign display options!


Also, our merchandising POP products are great for setting up product and point of purchase (pop) displays in your retail store, directing your customers' attention where you want it, and even showcasing additional items while a customer is waiting in the checkout line.

Need help choosing the best solution for you?
Check out our Stanchion Sign | Stanchion Sign Holder guide below!

Stanchion Sign | Stanchion Sign Holder Guide

Crowd control is all about keeping large groups of people moving around in an orderly, safe fashion. Part of this is setting up visual and practical barriers that let people know where they can and cannot go. But another key element of crowd control is directing the crowd. Signage is important in this respect: using clear, concise instruction to relay information, warnings and directions to your patrons and visitors will ensure a smooth and organized flow of traffic in your event venue or retail space. A proper sign can make all the difference between order and chaos. There are also some great options to take advantage of non-traditional ad space with banners, signs or in-queue merchandising.



One of the most convenient methods of providing signage is converting existing crowd control devices into doing double duty as both barrier and source of information. Sign frames and brackets can be attached to retractable belt barriers, plastic stanchions and classic metal posts to provide information in a very visible location. You can convey information such as entrances and exits to queues, whether a lane is closed, where to wait for the next available cashier or teller, and more. Custom or pre-printed inserts are available. Keep in mind that, in the case of retractable belt barriers, signs and sign frames are only compatible with their corresponding brands (EQManufactuing, Visiontron, Tensabarrier, Beltrac, and QueueWay).

 Stanchion Post Top Signs


A retractable banner replaces the belt between two stanchions with a bar, over top of which fits a banner that can display your brand, current promotion, or important instructions and directions. Available in vinyl or mesh, these banners can feature your full color custom design to ensure a large, easily seen banner. This highly visible signage works quite effectively in areas with high traffic, especially those where you anticipate people will be standing for an extended time.

 Custom Retractable Banners


A vertically aligned stand can showcase your custom advertisement or promotion while taking up less space than a horizontal sign, while still providing a large and highly visible surface area. These stands are collapsible and the banners themselves can roll up when not in use, which means they can be stored conveniently and easily.

 Vertical Banner Stands


The point of purchase is an important place to grab your customers’ attention. With grid and slatwall panel systems, you can create an aesthetically pleasing and convenient space for merchandise. Each style has its own accessories, including display hooks, baskets and support posts.


In-queue merchandising is another way to stand out to your patrons, this time grabbing their attention while waiting in line. Impulse buy bowls and literature holders and be affixed to merchandiser stanchion posts, and post-top writing tables can add convenience to lines at banks or post offices.

 Merchandising and P.O.P.


Standing signs with changeable poster cartridges allow you to customize your message in a clear, large, prominent display that works great in hotel lobbies, banks, retail spaces and event venues. Erasable board cartridges allow you to write your own message, while changeable letter boards allow you to switch out letters as you choose. These display signs are easily portable and durable, making them versatile and practical for displaying promotions, instructions, directions and more.

 Bulletin and Letter Boards


Metal fence barricades are large, heavy duty crowd control devices, but they also boast a large surface area with a prominent viewing space. Barricade covers and banners let you utilize this space with a custom design to showcase your brand, alert patrons to current promotions, or mark areas as off limits.


In addition to double sided barricade cover banners, there are signs that fit specifically into metal and plastic barricades to provide additional information.

 Custom Barricade Banners


Curb signs are a great advertising opportunity for both indoor and outdoor applications to draw attention to your promotion or retail location. They are easily portable and double sided so they can be seen from both directions. Some even feature rolling bases for added portability. Mutliple size options are available, as well as tool-less leg bases and folding easel displays.

 Curb Signs and Snap Frames


A floor sign stand is basically the same in principle as a curb sign, although they don’t roll. Still, they’re easily portable signage that can be set up to showcase instructions and promotions. The main difference between a curb sign and a floor sign stand is that the latter tends to be situated a bit higher for maximum visibility. They can display anything from directional maps and floor plans to news and bulletins, in addition to the usual promotional aspect.

 Floor Sign Stands


This media system is less a “sign” and more a full technology platform. It consists of a call forward system that allows cashiers to call the next customer to them with a button and a friendly audio message, and can be uniquely configured to your specifications. Monitors can stream live TV, or a media package that displays your latest promotional material. This comprehensive setup allows you to serve customers in the fairest, fastest way possible, efficiently moving your queue so there is less waiting time, and thus less likelihood that customers leave without purchasing.

 LCD Queue Management


A plastic floor sign is typically less an advertising tool and more of a warning and hazard indicator. Typically bright yellow in color for maximum visibility, these signs are easy to set up and take down so they can be enacted quickly in an emergency. They allow you to block off and/or mark holes, spills, trip hazards, and other dangerous situations. A simple folding floor sign can feature pre-printed messages or your own custom text, and a TensaCone warning barrier combines the floor sign with a retractable belt barrier, for larger and more serious hazardous areas that need blocking off. 

Plastic Floor Signs

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