Sign Holder BH30 Floor Standing Bulletin Holder

Portable 60 inch floor standing sign holder has a frame size of 22 inch x 28 inch, a base size of 22 inch x 15 inch. Weighs 18 pounds. Chrome Finish.
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Portable floor standing sign holder. We offer a variety of sign holders to accommodate all applications or decor. All of our sign holders are constructed from polished chrome plated heavy gauge steel tubing. Our 60 " floor standing sign holder has a frame size of 22" x 28", a base size of 22" x 15" and weighs 18 pounds.


Get the Word Out Easily with Sign Holders


Picture this: you enter an event or retail space and there are signs perfectly laid out telling you where to go for what purpose. No questions need to be asked, and everything is perfectly clear and straightforward. Everyone is all smiles when they greet you, and there is an air of calmness and security. Now, picture it from the other side. You work at this place and see people enter and go exactly where they need to be. Your staff is at peace, and there are smiles all around. Sounds nice, doesn’t it?

Benefits of a Standing Sign Holder

Well, all of this can be yours with some strategically placed signage throughout your facility. Whether you work at a retail store, an airport, a museum, the DMV, or a concert venue, having order is better for the guests and employees alike. With portable floor standing sign holders, it can be a reality. Not only does it help keep everyone happy, but it also increases security. Employees will be less tied up in trying to direct people and answer questions. Instead, they’ll have time for the important things like security checks and other issues that arise.

This particular standing sign holder has a frame size of 22” x 28”, giving it a printable surface area that can fit plenty of information loud and clear! It weighs 18 pounds which makes it steady but still portable so that you can put it where you need it. With portable signage, it is there when you want it and gone when you don’t. This makes it perfect for versatile environments where you may have an event one week, and a regular facility the next. It is also good for retail, because it can be used during busy times like the holidays, and put away during the slow season.

The BH30 floor standing sign holder is a great option for any public area where people may need some direction about where to go. It is also great for announcements, schedules, and can even be used to promote upcoming events or products. 

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