Outdoor Cigarette Receptacles

Keep your business free of cigarette ashes and butts with our ash urns, available in sand urn and sandless (for ash and trash). Make it easy for your guests to dispose of cigarettes and cigars with these solutions. Stylish and weatherproof, these options will help you keep smoking areas clean.


Ash Receptacles for Smoking Areas


We all know smoking is bad for you, but many people still indulge in the habit. Smoking indoors has been a thing of the past for a few decades in most places, but smokers still tend to congregate in entrance ways and outside of establishment to take a puff of a cigarette. Without the proper ash receptacles, cigarette butts can become a real problem. Not only is it litter and unsightly, but it is also bad for the environment and can be a turn off for potential customers.


Ash Receptacles for Your Establishment


Ash receptacles are necessary to keep your space clean. Depending on the kind of place you have, you may be more in need for ash receptacles than others. For example, restaurants and event venues tend to have more smokers than other places like stores or fitness facilities.


CrowdControlStore.com has a variety of ash receptacles depending on your needs. If you are looking to save space or are working with a limited area, the Smoker Receptacle combines a trach receptacle with an ash tray in one convenient package.


If you are looking for an ash tray specifically, we also carry a designated smoker receptacle that is an ash and sand urn. It is only 10” in Diameter and 20” Tall, so it also doesn’t take up a ton of space.


While in an ideal world no one would smoke, people do still smoke and as a business owner or someone who runs an establishment it is essential to accommodate the people who do! If you do have an indoor smoking area, either of these ash trays are a great option because of their small size. The ash urn compliments the appearance of indoor smoking areas and at the same time keeps them free of cigarette litter. The bigger version is great in cases where both a trash and ash receptacle is needed. 

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