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Safety and Security

Need help choosing the best solution for you? Give our product specialists a call at 866-715-6006 or
Check out our Safety & Security Equipment | Personal Security Equipment guide below!

Looking for personal security equipment for your event, office, business, school, or personal use? We have you covered with our extensive collection of safety & security equipment. We've got a huge variety of metal detectors and scanners including hand-held to walk-through options, from top brands like Garrett and Ranger. If you're looking for security turnstile gates, we've got portable and permanent (bolt down) models, not to mention ADA compliant and handicap accessible gates. We’ve got a large selection of non-restrictive “optical” turnstile gates as well, ideal for facilities that rely on ID or control cards for entry. Secure your space!

For traffic safety & security equipment, we've got stanchions, warning posts and traffic cones with reflective striping, and bright yellow stanchions, folding signs and belts available with clear warning messages.

Our PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) includes hard hats, and bright reflective clothing and other personal security equipment that will make sure you stand out in dangerous high traffic or low light environments.

Our safety wands are illuminated to assist you in directing traffic at the airport or on the highway, and our safety lights are durable to ensure they stay lit up and visible even in harsh conditions. These Power Flare safety lights are durable, waterproof, and operate in extreme temperatures, making them a must for emergency situations. Choose Crowd Control Store as your trusted security equipment store!

Need help choosing the best solution for you?
Check out our Safety & Security Equipment | Personal Security Equipment guide below!

Safety & Security Equipment | Personal Security Equipment Guide

Crowd control, at its heart, is all about safety & security equipment. You want to keep things orderly and organized, because in the end that’s the most efficient way to do things, but also the safest. You don’t want people getting hurt, and you also want to protect against theft, or people going in areas they shouldn’t (usually to prevent them from getting hurt, or from stealing things). But beyond your usual crowd control staples like stanchions and barricades, ┬áthere are a number of other personal security equipment available specifically to address safety and security.



We all know that stanchions and cones are effective crowd control implements, but there are ways to make sure these particular items stand out even more than normal, to provide extra visibility and protection in necessary situations.

For example, bright yellow plastic stanchions with pre-printed “CAUTION” messages can convey a message better than a normal stanchion post. Reflective tape can also provide extra visibility, in plastic posts, grabber cones and delineator posts. Bright yellow coloration (/tensabarriersftsafety7-5belt.aspx) also helps stanchions stand out for additional conspicuousness.

Reflective Posts


Designed to help you locate potentially harmful hidden weapons, as well as prevent theft in loss prevention scenarios, scanners and metal detectors are available in several styles and options. Handheld scanners can be waved over a body with ease, and are perfect for areas in which other larger walk-through scanners are not practical. Schools, bars, clubs and corporate security are all areas where handheld scanners are particularly useful. Law enforcement can also use them in the field.

Chair scanners are non-intrusive detectors that search body cavities, particularly useful in correctional facilities. These scanners can detect contraband objects in inmates or visitors, without being physically invasive.

Walk-through scanners are comprehensive detectors for areas that can support them and have the space and resources to utilize them, including schools, arenas, airports, correctional facilities, courthouses, landmarks, and other areas that need to move high traffic volumes of people but still require scanning for weapons and loss prevention.

Scanners and Detectors 


When working in high traffic or low visibility situations, it’s important to stand out. To do this, it’s a good idea to make yourself as visible as possible, either with brightly colored and/or reflective clothing and accessories. That way, in heavy crowd situations, you can be visible as a point person during events, and be easily seen and found by others involved in keeping the event secure and safe.

In low-light situations such as night time road construction, it’s also important to be as easily seen as possible. Safety jackets, vests, and hats can help increase your visibility, and wristbands can help make you identifiable as a person involved with event security and safety so that others can seek you out if needed.

 Personal Protective Equipment


Turnstiles are a tried and true way to control access to events, convention centers, office buildings, sports facilities, amusement parks, train or bus terminals, and more. They help make sure traffic flows smoother and ensure access is limited to those who are permitted.

Swing gates are also available. They can be opened manually but also feature locking mechanisms that allow them to open through use of card or ID devices. Swing gates are often necessary to make venues handicap-accessible and ADA compliant as they allow for convenient wheelchair access.



A flashing or steady light is a good way to make something more visible, whether that something is a barricade or a person. Personal safety lights like the PowerFlare are versatile and can be used in a variety of safety situations. They have several flash options, are extremely durable, and can be seen from great distances. Thus they’re an excellent choice for law enforcement, firefighters, EMTs and rescue responders, and more.

Barricade and Beacon Aid Lights can aid in visibility on construction sites or other industrial settings, particularly in dark or low-light situations. They can withstand outdoor weather conditions and can serve to warn of hazards where barriers and barricades might otherwise be difficult to see.

 Safety Lights


LED traffic batons are a great way to direct traffic, be it cars or airplanes or people. They can be found on airport tarmacs and runways, parking lots and event venues, and many more high traffic areas where visibility is key to maintaining an orderly progression of traffic.

 Safety Wands


Plastic floor signs are a clear way to alert crowds of issues like a spill or temporary trip hazard. Bright yellow folding signs featuring numerous message options can be easily set up and moved as needed, and yellow TensaCone warning barriers can double as retractable belt stanchions, blocking off an area while maintaining a strong visual presence. 

Safety Floor Signs

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