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Restaurants & Night Clubs

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Check out our Restaurants & Night Clubs guide below!

Restaurants & Night Clubs

Restaurant & Night Club Crowd Control


Restaurant, bar and club patrons often need to wait in line, whether waiting in line to get into a hot new club, or ordering foot at the counter. Either way, a proper stanchion set up is absolutely key. Whether you go for retractable belt barriers, plastic posts, or classic stanchions depends on how much you favor form over function. We've got posts to match a classy decor, or neutral stanchions for a discreet look. For added flair, customize your posts to show off your restaurant or brand's logo or latest promotion. 

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Need help choosing the best solution for you?
Check out our Restaurants & Night Clubs guide below!

Restaurants & Night Clubs Guide


Keep Things Safe and Flowing at Your Restaurant or Club with Crowd Control Supplies


Have crowds at your restaurant or club? That’s great! However, it is important to keep them organized so that things don’t get out of control for you and your employees. Luckily, is your one-stop shop for all things related to crowd control! No matter if you have people waiting in line to get a taste of your amazing food, or a huge event is taking place at your venue and people are lined up outside, there are certain things you definitely need to keep things in control!


Stanchions, Red Carpets, and Signage Oh My!


First of all, it is important to address safety. Everyone wants to feel safe, and the more organized your facility seems, the more likely people will be to come back. In today’s world of immediate gratification, everyone wants things to work efficiently. Waiting in line is a big drawback to anything, so the best thing you can do is make sure things keep moving along as fast as possible.

Stanchions, belts, and ropes are great ways to indicate to people where they should go and where the line should form. Avoid people getting into scuffles amongst each other or with your employees by clearly marking off where they should go to eliminate and uncertainty.

Next, people like to feel special when they go out to eat or attend an event. Aside from your exceptional customer service, what says “you have arrived” better than rolling out a red carpet? Make every guest feel like a VIP as they enter your establishment on none other but an infamous red carpet, true VIP-style.

Signage is another key part of successful handing a crowd at your restaurant or event. Signage can be used for so many things, like offering directions and marketing upcoming events. You can easily eliminate 100s of questions by easily putting some signage up, explaining where people should go to stand in line, or whatever else you wish to convey.

Signs are great to use as a marketing tool too. You already have a captive audience, so why not let them know about a new dish, or upcoming event while you have their attention? It’s an easy way to get a message across with minimal effort.

These are just a few of the items we have that will help you control large crowds. Everything comes in a number of variations, sizes, and finishes so that you can pick exactly what you need to fit in with the look and feel of your venue. 

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