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Ranger Security Intelliscan 33-Zone Walk Through Metal Detector

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Ranger Security Intelliscan 33-Zone Walk Through Metal Detector. The Intelliscan 33 zone is Ranger Security's Top of the line Walk Trough Metal Detector. The Ranger Intelliscan revolutionized security metal detector screening and continues to set the standard for advanced technology metal detectors. Patented 33 Zone Continuous Wave Multiple Sensor technology increases quality of security and lowers cost of weapon screening and loss prevention. Multi-Zone Security Walk-Through Metal Detector that is certified by Federal Aviation Administration!

Product Features:

  • An 33-zone display that identifies the relative location of weapon or contraband size objects within the archway; allowing security personnel to pinpoint the objects" position. Display shows if a weapon or weapons are located on the left, right or center of the person being screened and the height at which they are carried.
  • Excellent discrimination, with low unwanted alarm rate, that eliminates the need to empty pockets of normal amounts of keys, coins, etc.
  • Fully adjustable floor sensitivity control that compensates for detection losses caused by metal in a support floor. Permits uniform detection to be achieved throughout the detector even when large amounts of re-bar are present.
  • A processor based Continuous Wave Multiple Sensor Measurement Method with self-testing diagnostics and high stability Digital Signal Processing.
  • Transmitter and receiver sensor elements positioned in both side panels and that scan both sides of the person being screened.
  • Status display with red lamp for alarm condition, green for ready and yellow for wait and 12 segment bar graph display showing magnitude of detection signal.
  • Horizontal Axis Gain Control: providing sensitivity adjustments for compensating non-uniformity of detection caused by external vertical standing metal such as re-bar in walls. The detection response across each horizontal zone can be independently adjusted in 1% steps over a control range from +99% to -99%.
  • Detection circuitry that remains permanently active and cannot be switched or programmed to a non-continuously active state. No photo-optic device that deactivates the detection or alarm circuitry, or permits a targeted weapon or object to be passed, slid or tossed through the detector undetected. Excellent immunity to electrical interference. Inhibits false alarms due to X-ray screening equipment, fluorescent lighting, computer monitors or other common sources of electrical interference.
  • AC power inlet points on left and right side panels. Top entry can be arranged if notified at placement of order. Universal power supply operates on input voltages from 100 to 250 VAC and over a frequency range of 47 to 63Hz. UL, CE, CSA and TUV rated power supply.
  • Standard operating temperature range 0 to 55° C.
  • Rugged, rigid mechanical construction for maximum stability.
  • Two year limited warranty.
  • Reliable detection over a wide range of weapon/object transmit speeds. Consistent dynamic response allowing detection of slow moving objects to items being tossed or slid through detector.
  • Twenty standard user selectable detection programs designed to enhance discrimination and minimize orientation affect. Each program has 99 sensitivity steps. Programs are designed for both weapon screening and asset protection applications.
  • Operational Detection Enhancement Program designed for sophisticated users who wish to create customized detection profiles for specific applications. It permits the detection response of difficult to detect objects to be selectively manipulated. Detection Enhancement can be used to modify any of the standard detection programs or for the configuration of an entirely new program. Detection Enhancement feature provides an additional six detection programs.
  • Security on/off key lock and two 6-digit user selectable pass-codes. The second code is designed to prevent unauthorized access to Horizontal Access Gain Control and Detection Enhancement functions.
  • Program settings retained in memory when power is shut down. Reset function that self-tests unit and analyzes detector's local environment.
  • Certification by Federal Aviation Administration for use in U.S. airports and shall meet or exceed all requirements of the National Institute of Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice (N.I.L.E.C.J.) Standard 0601.00 security levels 1-5.
  • Low intensity magnetic field that is safe for users of heart pacemakers, implanted defibrillators, pregnant women and magnetic storage media.
  • Clinically tested and certified safe by US Medical School and Health and Medical Ministry of the Russian Federation.
  • Alarm relay with potential free contacts for activating external devices, e.g. security doors, cameras, etc.
  • Sixteen operating frequencies that allow two or more detectors to be operated in parallel at a minimum spacing of 24 inches without synchronization cables.
  • Fast automatic reset that allows a throughput of more than 50 passes/minute.
  • Inside width of archway 30 inches (762mm). Optional widths 32 and 36 inches (813mm and 914mm)
  • Wheel Option for detector mobility.
  • A remote display option that mimics the alarm display panel. Standard distance between detector and remote display is 100 feet (30m). Connection is through a fiber optic cable. Longer cables are available.


  • Airports
  • Correctional Facilities
  • Arenas
  • Public Buildings
  • Private Buildings
  • Schools
  • Special Events
  • Loss Prevention
  • Nuclear Facilities
  • Transportation Terminals
  • Courthouses
  • Corporate Security
  • Historical Landmarks
NOTE: This item has a one week lead time.

Shipping Dimensions and Weight

Header: 34" x 11" x 25" (85 x 27.5 x 62.5cm) / 34 lbs. (15.45 Kg)

Side Panels: 91" x 9" x 27" (227.5 x 22.5 x 67.5cm) / 144 lbs. (65.45 Kg)

Power Requirements: 115-230 VAC, 50-60 Hz

Download Spec. Sheet

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NOTE: This item has a one week lead time.
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