Visiontron 206 Value Series Black Steel Retractable Belt Stanchion, 7.5′ Belt

  • Medium Foot Traffic
  • Indoor Use Only
  • 7.5′ Retractable Belt
  • 13 lbs. Cast Iron Base
  • 5 Year Warranty

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What you get:

Retractable belt stanchions in black steel with:

  • Heavy duty 13 lbs. Low-profile Cast Iron bases (only 0.625″ in height) with Full Circumference Floor Protectors with Air Flow Technology and Scuff Resistant Black ABS base covers.
  • G5 RETRACTA-BELT® Technology
  • 7.5′ Black retractable belt (Compatible with: Tensabarrier 890, Lavi Beltrac, Queue Solutions, RETRACTA-BELT® & more)
  • Universal Compatibility Belt End with Safety Lock
  • 5 Year Warranty Factory Direct from Manufacturer

Shipping Info:

Item ships knocked down to save you money, multiples will ship in boxes of two.

Easy No Tools Assembly Instructions:

Simply place the base on the floor, then screw in the post until tight. You can always contact Crowd Control Store for help with assembly.

Sold in packs of two only.

This 7.5′ Value Series retractable belt post stanchion, by Visiontron, features the highest quality materials and design available for medium traffic crowd control stanchions. Get premium features at discount prices as a result of no frills finishes and colors (available in black post with black belt only). This unique 1 piece molded cap-to-clip cassette decreases costs and increases durability. We’ve also optimized the 7.5′ belt with the proper spring-to-base balance to ensure that the post remains upright the entire length of belt extraction. Many longer belt products on the market will tip or lean before full belt extension, defeating their usefulness. The new low-profile cast iron base can provide easy wheelchair accessibility due to its unbelievably low-profile design. With the included EVERstraight® technology you can be sure the post remains straight. Additionally, your floors will remain free from scuffs and scratches with the included 360º rubber base protectors.

These retractable belt post stanchion posts are recommended for indoor use, Step up to a high traffic solution here.

  • Get Premium Quality Features at an economical price.
  • Safety Technology = Slow Retractable Belt Mechanism
  • Easy Assembly with No-Tools Required

Become a Crowd Control Expert too, learn about Fast Snap Back, EVERstraight® Technology, Economy vs Premium, and other topics by visiting our Crowd Control FAQ.

Or, hear it straight from the manufacturer’s mouth, visit the Visiontron® website for full details.

Foot Traffic: Medium
Indoor/Outdoor: Indoor
Belt Length: 7.5′
Belt Width: 2″
Belt Colors: 1
Slow Braking Belt: Yes
Belt Lock: Yes
EVERstraight® Technology: Yes
ADA Compliant: No
Post Diameter: 2.5″
Overall Height: 39.5″
Base Diameter: 14″
Base Weight: 13 lbs.
Overall Weight: 16.5 lbs.
Base Material: Cast Iron
Base Cover: Scuff Resistant Black ABS
Rubber Feet: No, Full Circumference floor protector with airflow technology
Post Material: Steel
Compatibility: Tensabarrier 390, Queue Solutions, US Weight, and more
Custom Belt: For large quantity orders, please Contact Us
Warranty: 5 year manufacturer’s warranty

With so many premium features coming standard, you simply can’t afford to buy any other stanchion.

EVERstraight® Technology
Premium Retractable Belt Post by Visiontron® cast iron bases include a 2.5″ threaded steel pipe connection. It creates a stronger and more stable base connection than the competition resulting in your stanchion staying straight for its lifetime.

  Strong and Straight Base Connection
Exclusive large diameter threaded steel means post will stay connected and straight even if it loosens. Re-tightening takes a simple twist and never requires tools.Precision molded base fitting ensures consistent and reliable production quality. Base walls are 17% heavier to keep the post in place, and include full circumference floor protectors with airflow technology.

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