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Traffic Delineators & Bollards

Traffic Delineators & Bollards

Traffic Delineators and Bollard Covers

Delineator posts comes in a variety of configurations based on your specific application. Most commonly configured as a flexible delineator post, or a traffic delineator post, this durable crowd control solution can be fixed or portable. Often used in tandem with traffic drums, delineator posts are multi-purpose in that each can be used to direct pedestrian or vehicular traffic. Delineator posts are commonly utilized in parking lots or queue stations for vehicles. When deciding whether to purchase a delineator post with base or the flexible configuration, consider the environment where your delineators will be deployed. If you have questions about configuring delineator posts for large venues, please contact our sales staff.

We also offer Outdoor Safety Barriers, Wall Mount Barriers,  Post and Rope Stanchions, and accessories such as stanchion carts for your crowd control system.