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Emergency Response

Emergency Response

Emergency Response Products

Crowd Control Store is here for you during this time of need. Our products can help provide social distancing in addition to crowd control assistance. Many products can be customized to suit your unique application. We also have many other custom products available by request to help you re-open for the new normal in response to Covid-19 safety. Some of our top custom products are below. We can also help secure your 6th apart floor stickers in popular 6 inch or 10 inches sizes. Please call us at (866) 715-6006 to discuss your needs.

We also offer Outdoor Safety Barriers, Wall Mount Barriers,  Post and Rope Stanchions, and accessories such as stanchion carts for your crowd control system. Or we can help solve additional site safety concerns with custom products such as:

Acrylic Shield Portable Employee Guards

This clear acrylic panel with a small opening at the bottom for the exchange of materials can be placed on the desk or counter to protect people in essential businesses that are in operation. Lightweight, economical protection can be easily moved from place to place to keep interactions between patrons and staff germ-free. Custom sizes, shapes and fixed options are available (mins apply). Ideal for banks, hospital check-in counters, airline counters, convenience stores, etc. Call for more information.

Hand Sanitizer Dispenser Stands

Set up freestanding sanitizer stand stations, or ask us about custom wall mounted hand sanitizer options, to help prevent the spread of germs in your facility. Although we are out of our sanitizer and Purell dispensers, we can help custom make STANDS, BRACKETS, and hand sanitizer station signs for anyone who has hygiene stations or sanitizer dispensers. We can custom fit any type of dispenser or hand sanitizer cover onto our posts, so give us a call today to figure out a quick solution for your application. Call for more information.

Versatile Post and Panel Systems

  • Free-standing Sneeze Guards protect employees
  • For large and informative signage throughout a facility or at curbside
  • 6ft tall Panels divide areas or queues and separate people safely
  • 4’ wide by 6’ tall Privacy Panels create check-in areas, treatment rooms and offices without the need for construction. 
  • Add wheels for modular spaces, or screw posts into the floor for fixed applications.

Call for more information.