Post Top Writing Surface for Stanchions

Post Top Writing Surface used with Tensabarrier Retractable belt stanchions. Provide a writing table for your customers or passengers. Quickly and easily attaches to Tensabarrier posts. 7 pounds. 12.5 inches in diameter. 1.25 inches thick.
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Post Top Writing table used with Tensabarrier stanchions to provide a writing surface for your customers, clients or passengers. Ideal in bank lobbies, passenger terminals, retail queue lines, and more. At 7 pounds, the table measures 12.5" in diameter and is 1.25" thick. Available in black, it matches almost any decor. Table slides easily onto Tensabarrier stanchions without blocking the use of the retractable belts.

How to Make the Most of Your Writing Surface 

Writing surfaces are the perfect accessory for your stanchions. They have so many uses, and can help to improve the functionality and flow of the crowds in your establishment. They are perfect for places like bank lobbies, the post office, the DMV, terminals, and anywhere that a person in line might have to write something down before they reach the counter. Otherwise, they’ll be writing once they are at the counter, making the line move all the more slow.

How to Use Your Post Top Writing Surface

Before you even install your post top writing surface to your stanchion, it is important to think about how it will be used, and how many you need. Strategic placement will help to ensure the people at your location are using it for its intended and most practical use.

This writing surface weighs 7 pounds and has a surface area that is 12.5” in diameter, allowing for a decent amount of writing space. Again, making sure you have enough of them to disperse throughout the crowd will ensure that people don’t get stuck writing and hold the line up.

Many times people can overlook what the writing surface is for. You’ll see people using it as a purse holder, an arm rest, and maybe even a child seat. Putting some simple, clear signage up can prevent this from happening. Also, you may want to think about placing pens on or near the writing surface if they will be used by most customers.

We have a number of signs that can be designed to further instruct people what to use them for. The more clear you can be to your clientele, the faster your lines will move, and there will be less questioning and confusion, especially when things get hectic.

This particular writing surface fits perfectly onto Tensabarrier stanchions without blocking the retractable belts. Their size allows for ample writing space, without being so large and clunky that they will constantly be knocked into.

In this day and age it is all about efficiency. If you have a business or establishment that needs something written while people are in line, this is one of the easiest and most efficient ways to take care of it! 

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