Portable Stanchion - 2110 Director Post

Director portable crowd control stanchion. Traditional post for use with rope or chain. Features urn top and slopes 14 inch base. 35 pounds, 38.5 inches high.
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The Director portable crowd control stanchion is an extremely stable post with a 14" rubberized base. In addition, its internal steel construction makes the Director an excellent choice in high traffic queuing areas such as theme parks and movie theatres. These posts weigh in at 35 pounds.

* Denotes Lido Tone. Made to order, $48 setup fee and requires a 10 day production time.

The Perfect Post to Keep Crowds Controlled


Where there are crowds, there are lines. And lines need to be structured, especially when there is a lot of traffic. Lines can be the source of frustration for patrons, guests, and employees alike. No one likes to be confused about where to stand, let alone stand in one spot for a period of time only to find out it was the wrong place. Similarly, employees like things neat and orderly so that customers aren’t taking their frustrations out on them.


So, what’s the perfect solution? The Director’s Portable Crowd Control Stanchion, of course! It is both extremely stable yet portable at once, so that it can be used permanently or moved as needed. It is made out of steel so that it isn’t easily damaged, making it perfect for high-traffic areas. It is also available in a number of different colors so that it can blend in with your facility’s décor seamlessly.


No matter if you have a bank, a restaurant, a clothing store, or anything in between – you will have lines that fluctuate throughout the year. Some days you may have minimal need for a stanchion, and other times – like the holiday season – you might be swamped and in need of major crowd control. Portable stanchions provide the perfect solution because they can be brought out when needed and stored when they aren’t. This eliminates the annoyance of having them out when they aren’t being used, simply taking up space.


Stanchions can also serve multiple purposes. First of all, clearly they help to queue high-traffic areas. Ropes can be conveniently strung between two stanchions to create an informal barricade and “steer” people in the right direction. Also, signs can be purchased that fit perfectly on top of the stanchion, further directing people with messages like: “line starts here”, “please wait for next available representative”, and anything else you can think of!


No matter if you are a patron or a business owner or employee, no one likes an unruly crowd! The Director stanchion is one of the best choices for controlling crowds and making sure your lines are as efficient as they can possibly be. 

More Information
Top Style Urn Top
Base Style Prime Sloped
Tube Diameter 2 in.
Base Diameter 14 in.
Overall Height 38.5 in.
Rope Included Not Included
Construction Metal
Brands Lavi Industries
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