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Plastic Chain

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Check out our Plastic Chain - PVC, Colored, Black & White guide below!

Plastic Chain

Plastic Chain - PVC, Colored, Black & White Guide


Plastic chain makes a great complement to plastic post stanchions, but that’s not all it’s good for. You can really use it for creating a visual barrier between any two objects that the chain can safely link to. Keep in mind that it’s not load bearing, and shouldn’t be used to support or hold up heavy objects.


Available in PVC, colored, black & white, with many bright colors, plastic chains makes for a striking visual barrier. There are several different sizes, and they are often measured in terms of link length, width, and the thickness of the plastic used in the link itself. The first two dimensions are usually inch-based, while the last is often seen measured in millimeters. So when you see “6mm, 1.5 inch” chain, it means that the diameter of the plastic used is six millimeters, while each link is 1.5 inches long. Typically, the ratio of length to width is 2:1, with each link being twice as long as it is wide. For the smallest available link (1 inch), however, the width is slightly more than half the length. A white plastic chain and many other colored plastic chains are typically available in 50 feet bags, or 500 foot cartons.


Specialty chain is available in finishes that fall outside of the normal color range. Matte grey, for example, mimics the look of steel chain. It is also available in oversized 12mm link thickness. Chrome and gold plated chain also mimics a metallic look. It should be noted that while these specialty finishes look like metal, they are still plastic and have the same usage restrictions (ie. non load bearing).


There is also reflective orange plastic chain that provides increased visibility in essential situations or poor lighting conditions. This chain is not only bright safety orange in color, but also features a reflective tape band on every sixth link. It’s available in an 8mm link thickness, and works well in conjunction with orange or reflective plastic posts, or traffic cones with a proper adapter.


A number of accessories are available to help you get the most out of your plastic chain. Accessories can help you extend chain lengths, attach your chain to posts or other devices, and add extra visibility. Split replacements and Quick Links can help repair broken lengths or combine two lengths of chain to form a longer unbroken length. Chain snaps, S-hooks and C-hooks can help attach chain to posts, fences, or other structures. A traffic cone adapter can turn a traffic cone into a post barrier that plastic chain can attach to. And a plastic chain cutter can help you customize lengths to your desired size.

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