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Plastic Posts and Chain

Need help choosing the best solution for you? Give our product specialists a call at 866-715-6006 or
Check out our Plastic Safety Chains | Stanchion Posts guide below!

Peanut Butter and Jelly. Abbott and Costello. Batman and Robin. When you think of two things that are nigh inseparable, plastic safety chains and stanchion posts deserve to be right up there with the big boys. They go hand in hand to make a wonderful economical, highly visible, aesthetically pleasing and portable crowd control solution.


Several styles of our Plastic Stanchion are available, including Long Span & Heavy Duty posts for outdoor use, Simulated Chrome models for that extra touch of class, In-Ground Garden Posts for non-paved areas, and Custom Posts with your own logo or message.


We’ve also got accessories including Stanchion Carts for easy transportation, and Signs & Brackets to help your posts convey important messages. Our Plastic Chain is a non-load bearing, highly visible, affordable crowd control barrier solution that perfectly complements our plastic posts. Many sizes and styles are available, including Bright Orange with Reflective Striping for traffic control, and specialty Gold Tone Plastic Chain for an elegant look.

Need help choosing the best solution for you?
Check out our Plastic Safety Chains | Stanchion Posts guide below!

Plastic Safety Chains | Stanchion Posts Guide

Plastic safety chains and stanchion posts are a crowd control solution that provides a few unique advantages. For one, they are extremely lightweight and easily portable, meaning an area can be set-up, broken down and reconfigured with ease. They’re also very economical and affordable, and their UV stabilized plastic construction means they’re weather resistant and can be used in constant outdoor settings.

But just like with other stanchion options, there are variations that are made to fit certain situations and applications, and each has specific benefits. Let’s take a look at the different types available.



These stanchions typically consist of a rounded base, a post, an acorn style top, and c-hooks that allow you to attach plastic chain to create a barrier. They’re a great choice for parking lots, valet stands, and other situations where they might need to be quickly moved around to accommodate a changing set-up, or where something needs to be set-up and broken down quickly. Their portable nature is beneficial for this, but also means they’re less stable than most other posts and stanchion types.

They’re also available in highly visible colors, so they can be easily seen. Beyond that, reflective striping and lights can be added, as well as customized or pre-printed text to make them even more visible and clear. Despite their poor stability, they can serve as a very effective visual warning system for areas that need to remain off limits.

Standard Plastic Posts



Long span stanchions (also known as water stanchions) are similar to standard plastic posts from the base up, but that small difference is a big deal. Long span posts have a hollow, fully enclosed base that is meant to be filled with a substance to add some extra stability. You can fill them with gravel, sand, or water. In addition to making the posts more stable and difficult to tamper with, it also increases the allowable range between posts. Being so lightweight, plastic stanchions will fall down if too much plastic chain is used between posts. But with the fillable bases, the span can increase to 16 feet (from 8 to 10 feet for an empty stanchion). It also increases the weight to a hefty 16 lbs., which is still light enough to be portable, but won’t fall over with a slight breeze.

 Long Span and Heavy Duty Plastic Posts


Sometimes you need to class up an event or match a specific décor, but you may not have the time or money needed to facilitate metal posts. For such instances, simulated chrome posts offer a similar look at a much lower cost and weight, helping you save money and set-up time. Available in silver chrome and gold, these plastic posts have built-in c-hooks and can be used in conjunction with metallic coated plastic chain or velour ropes to create a great looking crowd control set up at a fraction of the cost of metal posts.

Simulated Metallic Plastic Posts 


An in-ground post is basically a standard plastic post, only with the flat circular base replaced with a big old spike. Rather than being used on flat, paved surfaces, these posts are meant to be used in dirt or earth. The spike is stuck into the ground, securing the post in place. These are useful in golf courses and other grassy areas, gardens, parks, nature trails, backyards, and similar areas.

 Plastic In-ground Posts


Posts and stanchions by themselves aren’t much good, so you’ll need something to connect them that creates a barrier. With plastic posts, this is usually plastic chain. Plastic chain is available in several different colors and sizes to fit with your plastic posts and suit your particular application. There are also reflective versions and silver and gold tone versions to stand out even more.

Another accessory that can be used with plastic posts is the sign holder. The acorn top can be removed and replaced with a bracket that also features c-hooks. A pre-printed acrylic sign can be placed in this sign bracket for notification or instructional purposes.

Plastic Chains and Accessories

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