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Need help choosing the best solution for you? Give our product specialists a call at 866-715-6006 or
Check out our Outdoor Recycle Bins | Wildlife Control Supplies guide below!

For parks, gardens, green space, atriums or virtually any outdoor area, we’ve got a wide variety of products available to spruce it up: waste and trash receptacles, outdoor recycle bins, wildlife control supplies, in-ground posts, bike racks, plastic fencing and charging stations.


Our Dressage category also features everything you need for outdoor equestrian training, including horse jumps, arenas, cones, markers, planter boxes and more.

Need help choosing the best solution for you?
Check out our Outdoor Recycle Bins | Wildlife Control Supplies guide below!

Outdoor Recycle Bins | Wildlife Control Supplies Guide


There are numerous things to take into consideration when planning or setting up an outdoor area, whether it’s going to be temporary or permanent. Parks, gardens, atriums, athletic fields, golf courses and outdoor retail and town centers will need to keep pest animals at bay, block off access to certain areas or create perimeters, create areas for patrons to rest, and facilities to deposit waste, among other things. We’ve got many products to aid in creating an outdoor area that’s safe, clean, and organized.



There are a number of options for keeping birds and other pest animals away from areas, with humane products that don’t cause harm. Bird spikes and surface repellers are great options for ledges and rooftops. Bird netting can protect crops, gardens, and other areas by keeping both airborne and ground-based pests away.

For larger and more open areas, sonic repellers create sounds that are imperceptible to humans, but are uncomfortable to animals so they steer clear. And there are always visual repellers that mimic the look of natural predator species, convincing smaller prey animals to keep away.



There are many plastic fencing options that fit various applications. Mesh plastic fencing is highly visible and easily installed with guideposts, allowing you to create a temporary barrier for construction or hazardous situations.

Portable PVC fencing is available in several styles including lattice, traditional and picket fence varieties. For events, including outdoor birthday parties, weddings, sporting events and more, it creates an aesthetically pleasing perimeter or barrier that can be put up and taken down quickly and easily.

Sport panels  are lightweight portable fences that can be easily moved, designed specifically for sporting events. For schools, parks, athletic fields and other applications where a sporting area can be set up, taken down or reconfigured quickly, sport panels are an excellent choice.



In-ground posts can be used as a decorative piece to line a path, driveway, or lot, and they can also be used to create a perimeter or barrier for off-limits areas. There are a number of different types, including acorn top garden stanchions, which are similar to plastic stanchion posts but feature a stake instead of a base. There are also rope stakes, which feature holes or slots where a rope can be threaded through to form a barrier. And then there are hazard and environmental markers, with highly visible color tips to clearly mark areas.



Nobody likes a litter bug! So make sure your outdoor space features plenty of receptacles for people to discard their trash in. Various sized bins are available, depending on how much traffic your outdoor space receives. Our offerings from Canmeleon are durable and discreet, suitable for indoor and outdoor use, and are GreenGuard certified.



Not everyone who uses your outdoor space is going to be walking. Therefore, it’s important to have areas in your outdoor space where cyclists can secure their vehicles. There are a number of bike rack options available, from boot style racks that hold bikes by the tire, to "key" and "lock" style racks for a novelty look..


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