Safety is a big issue, whether it is personal safety or in the workplace. June marks National Safety Month 2017, an effort by the National Safety Council (NSC) to raise awareness of keeping each other safe.  Currently, preventable deaths are at an all-time high. According to NSC, there were close to 150,000 preventable deaths in 2015 alone and this number is on the rise. It is important to be aware of how you can protect yourself and those around you, and also to take the measures to do so.


Crowd Control and Safety


At CrowdControlStore.com, we take safety seriously. After all, crowd control is a way of making sure people stay safe when large groups of people congregate in one area. Beyond that, we have a number of different products that can contribute to airport, road, workplace, home, and public space safety.


It is usually only a small investment and even less time to make small changes that can add up to majorly increased safety. By preventing accidents, you are not only protecting yourself and your people, but also your business, establishment, and property.


Here are some of our safety products and how they can be used.


  • Plastic Fence: It goes without saying that it is important to make clear where people can go, and what is off-limits. Doing so, clearly, can help prevent things like trips, falls, and other accidents. With a mesh plastic fence, you can easily put fencing up when you need it, and pull it down when you don’t!
  • Powerflare Safety Lights: These are essential for police, firefighters, EMTs, first responders, and emergency response teams. It is visible for up to 10 miles away and can be set to a variety of different flash patterns.
  • Hard Hats: One of the most quintessential props for safety, the hard hat is essential for anyone who works in construction or around heavy equipment. Providing these to your team is not only an inexpensive and easy thing to do, but it is also mandatory in many circumstances.
  • Traffic Cones: A versatile safety device, traffic cones can be used for a number of different things. As the name implies, they can be used to help direct and control traffic. They can also be used to warn both vehicle and pedestrian traffic of hazards to avoid unnecessary injury or damage.

This is just a small collection of the many safety devices we have at CrowdControlStore.com. As we continue to go through National Safety Month, we will show you other safety products you can purchase to increase your safety and that of those around you!