How To Turn A Belt Barrier Stanchion Into Something More

A stanchion is a great way to direct foot traffic and mark areas as off limits, or delineate where people should form lines. As a crowd control solution, stanchions are seen just about everywhere from hotel lobbies to movie theaters, from amusement parks to restaurants. Pretty much anywhere people wait in line, you’re likely to see some stanchions—retractable belt barriers in particular.

But these posts can do so much more than sit there providing a barrier or directing foot traffic. There are so many things you can add to a stanchion to make it into something new entirely, giving it loads more functionality than you might have thought possible. Let’s take a look at some of these possibilities.

Merchandising and Branding

Stanchion Merchandising Products

As we’ve mentioned in previous articles, you can turn your stanchion into something that earns you money with add-ons that allow you to market products to your customers who might be looking for a distraction while waiting in line. Impulse buy bowls and rigid rail systems with hooks can help you put product directly in front of a more or less captive audience.

You can also promote your brand or current promotion, both on and between belt barriers. The post and belt can be customized with your business’s logo, while stanchion banners can showcase important information as well as promotional or branding material on the space between posts.

Signs, Signs, Everywhere Are Signs

Stanchion Signs, Banners and Custom Posts

But we’ve discussed the merchandising and branding aspect of stanchions before. What we haven’t touched on as much is one of the most basic was to turn a stanchion into something more: the post top sign. By simply affixing this to the top of your post, you take a crowd control post to the next level, providing valuable information.

As mentioned, stanchion banners can be used for the same purpose. Custom belts can also communicate important instructions to your patrons. A custom plastic post with a message stenciled on it, such as “NO PARKING’ or “VALET” can effectively provide directions in parking lots.

Keep It Clean

Hand Sanitizer Posts

Anywhere that lots of people will congregate, you can guarantee lots of germs and bacteria will congregate as well. To help mitigate the spread of disease, why not turn a belt barrier into a portable hand sanitizing station? An all-in-one post and dispenser kit can help you set it up quickly and save.

You can also help keep the surrounding area clean by attaching an umbrella bag dispenser to your stanchion, to keep the floor from becoming wet (and dangerous!) on a rainy day.

Write On

Writing Shelves for Belt Barriers

You may remember the classic riddle: “How is a retractable belt barrier like a writing desk?” Maybe we’re paraphrasing a little, but we’re pretty sure that’s how it goes. The answer, of course, is “Both can be used as a writing surface!”

So don’t settle for a stanchion that’s just a stanchion…Now you know they can pull double duty as signs, advertisements, writing tables and more

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