How to Choose the Right Type of Crowd Control Barriers

If you’ve been exploring ways to effectively manage crowds at your place of business, you’ve likely already considered investing in crowd control barriers. You might still be asking yourself, however, ‘what type of barrier should I invest in?’. We are here to address your questions about the different types of crowd control barriers and their application. 

Stanchion Barrier

– Stanchions are commonly seen at airports, VIP clubs, ticket booths, food outlets and other areas which see large crowds. These are cost-effective ways of controlling and managing crowds since they require a minimal investment. Without changing the infrastructure or building design, you can successfully navigate crowds by placing these stanchions accordingly, connected by a rope or retractable barrier belt. 

Retractable Barriers

– These are great crowd control barriers thanks to their compact build. Retractable barriers offer protection to crowds and help in streamlining queues. These mobile and lightweight barriers can also be used to block off restricted or construction areas. An added benefit is the ability to quickly install or uninstall the barriers depending upon crowd surges. 

Rope Barriers

– You’ve probably seen rope barriers at night clubs, premium theater events or modern art galleries. These rope barriers are often installed in spaces where aesthetics are given priority. Rope barriers offer an air of sophistication and exclusivity even as they help manage crowds. These rope barriers can be removed from one side to allow entry of guests or invitees of premium events. These rope barriers aren’t often used in an industrial setting, unlike other crowd control barriers. Rope barriers are slightly more expensive but are ideal for businesses that market themselves on luxury and premium experiences. Rope barriers are also available with wall-mounting options, making them ideal for use in art galleries.

Steel Barriers

– Steel is a metal that can withstand a lot of force. Hence, crowd control barriers made of steel are ideal for use in cases where a large number of people occupy one area. These are one of the most fool-proof ways of managing large crowds since these barriers are heavy. Steel barriers are used in sporting, wrestling, and entertainment events, where there is a need to separate participants from crowds. Steel barriers have both lightweight and heavyweight variants, depending on their application. 

Wall Mounted Barriers

– Retractable barricade tapes emerging from the side of a wall are exactly what they appear to be – wall mounted barriers. These barriers are highly mobile and compact and their core characteristic is they can be mounted on walls. All you need to do to mount these barriers with retractable tapes is to screw them to the wall. Thus, wall mounted barriers are perfect for use in situations where wet flooring or wet concrete work is carried out. 

Traffic management Barriers

– These barriers are used on roads, highways, flyovers, streets and other areas that are exposed to high levels of traffic. Traffic management barriers are designed to effectively and safely redirect vehicles on the road. These come in multiple variations. For instance, flexible barriers which also act as bike rack barricades are used to navigate traffic away from a certain section of the road. Rigid barriers, on the other hand, are made of concrete. Such barriers aren’t used as commonly as flexible barriers and are only used in high-volume work. The aim of traffic management barriers is to protect riders, drivers, pedestrians and road construction workers from accidents.

Temporary Fencing

– Also known as mobile fencing, temporary fencing is a more flexible alternative to concrete fencing. Temporary fencing can be easily installed and removed depending on your security needs. It also offers a great option to people who are undecided on the location and type of fencing they want. While temporary fencing is mobile and flexible, it is also highly durable. Users of temporary fencing often use it over a span of many years, with little to no damage to the fence.

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