JBC Revolution Series 18'' DOT Approved Traffic Cones

Highly Durable 100% PVC Injection Molded Traffic Cones are Available in Orange, Lime Green, Red, Sky Blue, Pink, Yellow and White. These 18" Traffic Cones Can Be Purchased With Reflective Collars to Meet Both the MUTCD Standard and NCHRP Report 350.

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Highly Durable 100% PVC Injection Molded Traffic Cones are Available in Multiple Colors..

Each item includes:

  • (1) 18 inch tall traffic cone with base in your choice of color
  • (Optional) 6 inch reflective collar

Features and benefits:

  • 3M 3340 Series reflective sheeting is flexible and designed for high visibility in day or night conditions. Specifically designed for use with PVC traffic cones; will remain secure even after collisions with vehicles up to 50 mph
  • Base is manufactured from post-industrial recycled material
  • DOT approved


  • Material:
    • PVC
    • 3M 3340 Reflective Tape
  • Height: 18 in.
  • Weight: 3 lbs.

JBC Traffic Cones are Your DOT Approved Safety Tool

Here at CrowdControlStore.com, safety is one of our number one priorities. When it comes to vehicle and pedestrian safety, one of the first devices people think of is the traffic cone. No matter what, a traffic cone commands attention. It alerts both drivers and pedestrians of a potential hazard so that people slow down and use caution. These JBC Revolution Series 18” traffic cones are DOT approved and are available in classic orange or lime green. Both colors are attention grabbing and are hard to miss in any kind of lighting.

JBC Traffic Cones are a Versatile Safety Device

Traffic cones have many uses. Clearly as their name states, they are best known for their use as a traffic safety devices. Placed on a road, it alerts drivers of danger, or of a place that is to be avoided. However, there are a lot of other uses for traffic cones that may not be immediately obvious. They are a great device to command attention because they can be placed anywhere – inside or out – and they are durable enough to withstand most conditions.

Used outside, traffic cones can be utilized to control the flow of traffic. For example, it a street fair is going on and the street should not be entered, a few traffic cones set up will efficiently block traffic. Same goes for anywhere that cars should not enter. Traffic cones like the one from JBC can be used to warn drivers of hazards like pot holes or any other kinds of road obstructions. They can also be used to make people avoid construction zones, or to change lanes.

Used inside, traffic cones can be just as efficient. You can easily mark off restricted areas. For example, if a bathroom is out-of-order or being worked in, all you have to do is set a cone outside to warn people not to enter. Or, you can alert people inside of a spill or other hazard to reduce injuries on your premises and therefore also reduce your liability. You can even use cones to place a message on them that can be conveyed to people walking or driving by.

Traffic cones are a wonderful and versatile tool that anyone can benefit from. If you have a lot of foot or vehicular traffic, there is no doubt you should always have a few on hand. These JBC traffic cones are economical and flexible enough to be used for many different purposes. They also come with an optional reflective collar to make them even easier to spot in low-light conditions. 

More Information
Base Style Rubber Black Square
Height 18 in.
Base Weight 3 lb.
Material PVC
Brands JBC
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