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Indoor/Outdoor Mats

Need help choosing the best solution for you? Give our product specialists a call at 866-715-6006 or
Check out our Outdoor Door Mats | Indoor Door Mats guide below!

Indoor/Outdoor Mats

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As the perfect accent for doorways and entrances, these outdoor door mats & indoor door mats will deliver. Whether you’re looking  for aesthetic appeal, promotional space, comfort or durability, we have the indoor/outdoor mat best suited for your needs. 


The high-quality materials allow them to endure heavy foot traffic and demanding weather conditions. Looking for mats for your garage? Check out these AutoDeck Garage Floor Mats that come in a variety of different colors.


Need help choosing the best solution for you?
Check out our Outdoor Door Mats | Indoor Door Mats guide below!

Outdoor Door Mats | Indoor Door Mats Guide


Keep Things Clean and Slip-Free with Indoor and Outdoor Mats


Rugs and Mats. You may not think of them as important, but they most certainly are. Indoor and outdoor mats alike are everywhere you look – from your home, to your office, and any retail shop you visit. Rugs make an impression when a person walks through to front door. Beyond an impression, they can also keep things neat, clean, and dry to prevent damage to your floor and keep you and your guests or patrons safe from a slip and fall.


Indoor and Outdoor Mats for Cleanliness and Safety carries a wide variety of mats to help keep your space clean and offer a safe way for people to enter the building. We have a nonskid mat that is extremely resilient for tough environments. It is great for the entrance to an industrial environment. It can also be used for doorways in conditions that are tough, like places with rough, cold, and snowy winters.

We also have a handy foot warmer mat that comes in regular and heavy-duty. It silently warms up the feet and toes at 130 degrees, but only uses the same about of energy as a standard light bulb. It is great for snowy conditions, or can be used under a desk for people who get cold easily or have bad circulation.

For businesses that reside in cold-weather environments, we have our cozy, heated outdoor mat. It makes safety a priority by thawing ice and snow to keep your entrance clear. It keeps the people walking in an out of your establishment safe from tips and falls, and lowers the chance of liability for you!


All Weather Entrance Mats


We also carry a wide array of entrance mats that certainly help with safety and slip elimination, while giving a nice look to your entrance. They come with non-slip bases so that you don’t have to worry about constantly washing them. They also have a carpet-like finish so that people can wipe off their shoes. At the same time, they are stain-resistant and highly durable to prevent wear and tear.

No matter what option you go with, it is important to have indoor and outdoor mats around your home or business for a number of reasons. All of our mats are built to be durable and weather resistant, but even in the event that they need to be replaced after a few years, it is certainly better to replace a mat than your floor! 

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