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Check out our Bathroom Hand Dryers | Office Partition Panels guide below!

We carry a large selection of high quality hotel, motel, office and hospitality supplies, excellent for keeping your space neat, organized, clean and comfortable. Our selection of waste receptacles includes ash urns (with sand and sandless) as well as indoor and outdoor trash bins.


We also carry umbrella bags and stands for preventing trip hazards in entryways due to dripping umbrellas in the event of a rain storm. Perfect for offices, lobbies, coat checks and more.


Hand sanitizers are becoming increasingly found in the hallways of hospitals, schools, day care centers and cruise ships as one more safeguard against the hand-to-mouth spread of disease. We have everything you need including hand sanitizer dispensers, post kits and refills. You may also want to check out our bathroom hand dryers, and office partition panels.

Need help choosing the best solution for you?
Check out our Bathroom Hand Dryers | Office Partition Panels guide below!

Bathroom Hand Dryers | Office Partition Panels Guide


There’s more to controlling crowds of people than barricades and stanchions. You’ve got to make sure everyone is properly accommodated and that spaces or organized and clean. In a hotel, school, office or retail space, there are a number of items that can make the whole experience better for everyone involved.



Nobody likes clutter, waste and garbage. To keep your area looking nice and clear, you’ll want to provide enough receptacles to make sure that your patrons or employees have ample space to adequately dispose of trash.

Ash urns, with or without sand, provide a place to dispose of cigarettes, while side by side recycling/garbage baskets and outdoor receptacles will help keep areas clean and tidy, whether it’s a hallway, office, outdoor walkway, or lobby.



Providing opportunities for your guests or employees to clean their hands will help curb the spread of germs and keep people from getting sick. Dispensers should be placed in convenient areas, so people have easy access when they need to clean their hands. They can be mounted on walls, or on free-standing stanchion posts.



Wet, dripping umbrellas can cause a build-up of water on floors during rainy weather, presenting a serious slip and fall hazard. Keep your lobbies, offices, dining areas and halls dry by providing umbrella bag stands close to entry ways, allowing employees, patrons and guests to bag up their umbrellas before proceeding into your establishment. There are posts dedicated to umbrella bag stands, or brackets that convert existing retractable belt barriers into umbrella bag holders.



Hinged frame partition panels can provide a study yet still portable crowd direction and traffic control option that is more difficult to tamper with than simple retractable belt barriers. Larger panels can be paired with 72 or 66 inch posts to create a more defined barrier wall to provide private sections when required, such as in airport security areas for example.



Washing hands after using the restroom is essential to the cleanliness of any hotel, restaurant, retail space, office, or airport, but paper towels create a lot of unnecessary waste. A wall or surface mounted hand dryer is an excellent alternative to keep hands dry while eliminating the need for more trash. American Dryer, Inc. offers numerous options, including hi speed units, quiet and compact units, and wall guards and recess kits to customize your drying area.