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Flooring Solutions

Need help choosing the best solution for you? Give our product specialists a call at 866-715-6006 or
Check out our Flooring Solutions: Event, Dance, Auto/Garage, Mats guide below!

Our flooring solutions can provide you with a clean and finished look to your garage, portable event, or dance floor. From vinyl flooring to rubber mats to ADA detectible warning tiles, our permanent and temporary flooring will help you get the look you want and make sure you’ve got a safe surface for pedestrian traffic.


We’ve got auto garage PVC polyvinyl floor mats, or vinyl laminate tiles. For portable dance floors and events, we’ve got modular expandable flooring and turf protection sheets. Our slip resistant ADA flooring features anchors and adhesive to meet DOT requirements. And our indoor/outdoor floor mats for doorways and entrances are great for all environments, and you can even order custom nylon or vinyl mats with your own graphic, logo or message!

Need help choosing the best solution for you?
Check out our Flooring Solutions: Event, Dance, Auto/Garage, Mats guide below!

Flooring Solutions: Event, Dance, Auto/Garage, Mats Guide


Sometimes, the ground just isn’t good enough. There are a number of reasons to cover a specific area with one of our floor covering solutions. Some are about aesthetics, some are about functionality, and more often than not, a little of both is involved. So let’s look at our available flooring solutions and see when you should use what.



Temporary flooring allows you to lay down a flat surface for a particular event, and then pack it up again at the event’s conclusion. There are a number of styles and options, most of them composed of modular sections that can be locked together to form a continuous surface to meet your needs: a dance floor, a concert stage, or even protection artificial turf in stadiums from temporary vehicle traffic during events and maintenance. Event flooring is usually made of a vinyl or polypropylene material, sometimes with a wood parquet panel top for aesthetic appeal. For weddings, birthdays, outdoor luncheons or arena events, these temporary floors are a great solution.



The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) standards for the Department of Transportation (DOT) require that curb ramps feature detectable warnings that can be felt by the canes or feet of visually impaired individuals. These warning systems must extend the entire width of the curb (excluding flared edges) and a depth of 24 inches from the back of the curb on the ramp surface.

For this purpose, there are detectable warning tiles which can be installed in the appropriate areas to make them ADA compliant. These are surface applied mats that feature the appropriate bumps to indicate to visually impaired individuals that they are moving from a sidewalk and approaching an area where vehicles may be traveling.



Garage and auto flooring is a great way to protect your garage’s floor and create an aesthetically pleasing look at the same time. They can withstand spills from chemicals like oil and provide a non-slip surface so nobody will fall and injure themselves. There are both roll out and tile versions, each available in a wide range of color and pattern options. These are a great way to improve your garage or showroom’s appearance, increase safety, and encourage cleanliness.



Wipe your feet! Indoor and outdoor mats allow patrons to remove excess water and dirt from their feet while entering your lobby, restaurant, retail space, etc. Usually composed of a rubber base with a fabric or nylon bristle surface, mats also provide a non-skid surface for entryways that can become wet with rainwater brought in from the outside. They’re available in many color options to brighten up a commercial or retail environment, and a number of size options to fit your desired space. They also provide an unconventional branding opportunity, as custom options are available that allow you to use your own logo, text, or graphic image.  


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