FlexStake Traffic Delineator - 750 Series Surface Mount Tubular Post

Regulate traffic in a safe and manageable way with this FlexStake Traffic Post
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These flexible traffic delineators regulate traffic in many settings, including highways, parks, golf courses, and airport runways. It is particularly useful in merging traffic from side streets onto major roadways or thoroughfares, or serving as a lane delineator to separate toll lanes/express lanes from the rest of the highway. FlexStake can withstand heavy weight, such as trucks, and demonstrates superior performance upon high-impact hits of up to 80 mph. The bright colors and optional reflective sheeting make this post visible during night time and poor weather conditions. Our flexible traffic delineators are designed for use on solid surface areas, such as concrete and asphalt. For custom color options, please call 866-715-6006.

Each Unit Includes:

  • (1) FlexStake delineator post with rounded base in your choice of height, base, top style and color

Additional options:

  • Reflective sheeting: available in white, orange, yellow and red, single or double-sided
  • Strengthening Brad: increases the impact strength of the post
  • Adhesive:Thermo Pad - long term application applied with a torch, each pad seals one delineator
  • Additional short term and long term adhesive options are available: Epoxy and Butyl Roll

Features and Benefits:

  • Durable, UV resistant material
  • Can withstand more than 75 hits at 55 mph
  • Full visibility from all angles
  • Meets state and federal DOT and FAA requirements


  • MTBF: Over 75 hits at 55 mph
  • Height: 19 in., 24 in., 30 in., 36 in., or 48 in.
  • Post diameter: 2 1/2 in. (tubular), 3 in. (when flattened)
  • Round base diameter: 8 in.
  • Anchor: Surface or ground mount
  • Weight: Approx. 3 lbs.
  • 3M Reflective Sheeting Size: 3 in. x 8 in.
  • Material: Fade resistant, UV protected post consumer recycled plastic
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